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Game of Thrones

Oh….hey…so I know it’s been a while (see video above recapping the past 3…really sorry about those delays.)

I’m not even gonna break this up into parts. Why? Cause it was ALL the MOST AWESOME OF THINGS!!!

Game of Thrones
Mark it guys….today…Dany goes in this section! Yes….everything that happened in Mereen was all around awesome. I mean, holy damn, that, to me, was the most badass thing she’s ever done.. I loved how they finally invoked her father’s madness to keep her in check. Thoroughly enjoyed Tyrion holding first season stuff against Theon. The scene of Yara with Dany, seeing her as equal, was great. I feel the rest of the Iron Fleet will join them, even if Euron becomes dragon food. Which….which is scary if you are everyone in Westeros without realizing it. This was, for me, the first time Dany showed she could be a queen…which is scary…because people are starting to be in short supply over across the sea and she’s just amping up.

Game of Thrones
This was the best Jon has ever been. Holy damn everything building up til the end worked in only the way Game of Thrones can. Losing Rickon was still hard. Even it seemed obvious…losing another Stark was rough. The realism in battle strategy was painfully realistic.
Game of Thrones
Watching Ramsey die was perfectly done, because in the end, it showed that Sansa really is a force to be reckon with. Which I’m interested to see how this wraps or begins. Nothing in Game of Thrones is this happy…and winter is coming. Also, what does Littlefinger expect from his assistance?

Battle of the Bastards, in Summation:
“Dany gave her last fuck in Vaes Dothrak. HBO HAS ALL THE MONEY EVER!!! It will never be unsatisying hearing Dany say “Dracarys” and watching something getting FUBAR. You were always kinda attracted to Ramsey. Lady Mormont has one mode: ‘Arrive. Judge you. Leave’ You just wanna hug Davos. It’s never less painful losing a Stark…even if you know it’s coming. Jon in battle is the stuff Stormtrooper’s nightmares are made of. HBO has all the money. Giants and doors don’t go together on this show. Sansa’s look is the thing to fear. Feed your dogs extra tonight. HBO OWNS MONEY AND YOU CAN ONLY HAVE IT IF YOU WATCH THIS SHOW!

Ok, wow, this season is almost over. I’m so excited for next week. Holy hot damn. Can it be Sunday already?

Keep geek.


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