CoCo’s Party with Discord Addams and Gidget Von Addams

Gidget Von Addams and Discord Addams

Its time for another new episode of CoCo’s Party as CoCo heads back home to Ohio to spend some quality time with Discord Addams and Gidget Von Addams!


Our thoughts are with CoCo at this time as she is back in Ohio helping her family deal with the aftermath of a devastating fire at their family restaurant! We love you CoCo! Be sure to follow CoCo on Twitter and Instagram!

About CoCo De'Ball 12 Articles
Coco De'Ball loves to party and by party we mean eat a lot of chips and salsa while making people feel as awkward as possible. Every week she brings YouTube and "CoCo's Party" a trippy fun time with magic and lollipops...sometimes! The worlds Kookiest Drag Artist!

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