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We’ve all heard about the Thor news this week… if you haven’t, Marvel announced today that Thor is now a woman in the new upcoming title out this October, THOR, written by Jason Aaron. Marvel says, “No longer is the classic Thunder God able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, and a brand new female hero will emerge worthy of the name THOR.” Am I the only broad who reads comics and plays video games who DOESN’T care about the male vs female character ratio? I read and play to enjoy what the story is and the message it brings. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s coming from a male or female lead. I see beyond that. So, I can’t find myself caring about things like this. Well, just enough to write about it.  No hate to those who get on board, especially female cosplayers since it’s clear we’ll be seeing an influx soon, but I just have 0 enthusiasm. Thor aside, this happens when females are announced across entertainment; particularly comics and gaming. The internet explodes. Nerds explode. [We] care more about what a costume looks like, and when another “empowered strong female” comes into light, but is it really just that? I’m still wrapping my head around that Angela, previously under Image’s Spawn title, now with a publish rights transfer to Marvel, is now Thor’s sister. But let’s quickly forget that since we haven’t had a chance to soak in that news first, before this one came out. To me, there are a TON of [female] characters who have already existed, some for years, who aren’t getting enough love. In cosplay and otherwise.

Kearstin as Angela by Jason Ernst
Kearstin as Angela by Jason Ernst

I just don’t find why news like this is so… news worthy at all. Just put the title out. Call it a day. Let the story tell it. Not the tits. OMG. IT’S A FEMALE. But people rarely talk story these days, so the desire to hear articles about entertainment in the comic and gaming industry be geared around the story, is pretty wasted upon ears. It’s all ‘is it male or female’, or how the costume change looks. Since you know, shit caters to cosplayers subliminally now, with a huge portion of the community already not really reading comics outside of Free Comic Book Day. Let’s not deny that. If women who claim read comics, actually do, they’d realize how many strong or completely evil females already exist. Across a plethora of titles and publishers. Including short run “What If” titles to ease the ideas of such things. Characters don’t have to be popular to be empowering, or cool, or look cool, or whatever broads’ reasons are for liking or cosplaying females. Support the art and production that goes into these things by actually trying harder to discover them. I was once told that people do not like the obscure or unpopular, because there is nothing to like about them to that degree to become a favorite. Probably the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. I would opt for amping preexisting characters or creating entirely new ones, over feminizing preexisting males any day. I just think it’s unnecessary. Same way I feel about when it applies to cosplay. If you enjoy and are a fan of a male character, why aren’t you dressing up like a male? (and vice versa). Less Rule 63, more crossplay. I could take it as “yeah all those other not popular females we’ve already created and who’ve been around? Fuck ’em. Let’s take a COOL POPULAR DUDE and make int a chick. Yeah! Cosplayers do it, why can’t we!” It’s hard enough as is for writers to write women in comics. Either they’re strong and empowered, too sexy, or they’re a giant bitch. Too close of a fine line for me to be constantly or inevitably thrilled a feminized character has come into works based solely on that alone. For all we know, Thor may be written (mistakenly or purposefully) as a SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY. A character does not have to be a woman to be relatable. Just as, yes, it doesn’t have to be a man. Doesn’t matter the race or gender. Support what they do, who they are, not what’s between the legs. I just can’t get excited over it just BECAUSE she’s female. Let’s hope Jason Aaron delivers. I’m not even curious to read it at this point based on the giant fap fest women are having over this. I even had to drop DC’s New 52 Batgirl (written by Gail Simone) because I was getting my period just reading it. Regardless of it being written by a female, I cannot get on board with structure that just soaks up the idea of ‘I’M A FEMALE’ entirely. We get it. grid-cell-22914-1405441877-20   Mythology aside, it’s not the fact that it’s Thor him/herself. “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Didn’t know that meant Thor is a name to just behold, not a name that belongs to someone already. My point is, we are turning preexisting characters into something else based on just turning female. The fact that female changes get the most attention. Enrages people the most. Causes the most controversy. But hey. Whatever gets the hits, AMIRITE? What’s lacking is pushing preexisting or creating entirely new characters. With the rise of nerd shit becoming trendy, I understand marketably speaking the obvious mundane moves. Doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion against it. Or not care to have one at all. Or that I’m supposed to love it because I’m a woman myself. So… we’ve got Lady Loki, Sif, Angela, Valkyrie, Thor Girl and if it wasn’t enough, now (female) Thor… Our periods are now soon to be in sync. Get your rags, honey. It’s time for a slumber party. But don’t worry, as many times as something so drastic occurs in comics, I’m sure we’ll be back to “normal” in about a year’s running. [line] Do you think men are being replaced in comics? Pushed aside? Do you think change like this is productive? Encourages more female readers? Why does a character need to be female to attract female readers? What are your thoughts? Tell us!

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  1. I think the whole fervor of tumblr feminism versus geek culture makes this sort of thing news-worthy just because it’s an easy publicity stunt.

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