The Interview: Kitty Brucknell


Chiffon Dior: Hi Kitty! Congratulations on all the success Glitter in the Sky has had already! Have you had a moment to catch your breathe yet?

Kitty Brucknell: Hiya! It’s been absolutely mental! I have been so excited this week, because there’s been so much going on. We’ve worked so hard on this the last few months and it’s all coming to a conclusion…I’m so excited!!

CD: Now you’re very well known on your side of the Atlantic, thanks in part to your time on the UK version of X-Factor but for those Yanks over here that might not be as familiar with you, could you tell us a little bit about your background as a singer and a performer?

KB: Well, my background is…that I did the X factor back in 2011, and I did lots of outrageous things on stage! And then, I got hugged by Lady Gaga and I toured China and Egypt and did a whole bunch of things! This is my first single!


CD: Which brings us to that single, Glitter in the Sky, which was funded primarily through crowd sourcing. What made you decide to go that route for your debut single? Did you feel an additional pressure to not disappoint your fans since they were the ones putting up their hard earned money? Is this a road you would go down again in the future for other songs?

KB: I’d definitely do it again! Saying that though, I have a responsibility to make sure this is the best campaign possible. I’m so so proud of what I’ve achieved with it! I’d love to do crowdsourcing again, although to be fair the amount of money I really need for my next single is probably too much to raise from crowdfunding. It’s a really special song and I really need a big enough budget to give it the best chance possible.


CD: Well that is quite the tease! Can you give us any insight to what you’re plotting?

KB: Actually hopefully something insane! It’s the total opposite to Glitter. It’s dark, gritty and controversial. It’s a super adult song. But it needs the right treatment, otherwise it will end up being a parody of itself. I love it so much, we played it to some industry people and they were kind of jumping up and down over it. I’m excited.


CD: In the video for “Glitter in the Sky”, you actually jump out of a plane! What made you decide to do that? Have you ever done it before? Did you get all the shots you needed in one jump?

KB: I had to do it twice! Craziness! Laughs Basically in case the video didn’t work or something. But I’ve done it before, so I wasn’t too scared. They really prepare you for it before hand, so it’s not too worrying. It’s actually just lots and lots of fun.

CD: Even for a song with glitter in the title, there is a LOT of glitter in this video! Considering how resilient glitter can be, how long did it take to get de-glittered fully? Are you still finding random bits of glitter all over?

KB: My bathroom is covered in the stuff. It’s impossible to get rid of!!! It usually takes me about two days of scrubbing. I’ve got it down to a fine art!




CD: When you were eliminated from X-Factor, before you left, you belted out a verse of “Born This Way” and then as you were being interviewed, Lady Gaga literally ran across the stage to give you, like you mentioned earlier, a humongous hug! How surreal a moment was that for you and did it help to temper your disappoint at the time? When she pulled you off the stage to have a drink together, did she offer you any advice for you career? What was the drink of choice for you both that night?

KB: That night was amazing! She did offer me a lot of advice, I think the problem was that a lot of what she promised would happen to me didn’t. So I felt really down after I realised that things weren’t going to work out in the way that id hoped. But it’s okay now, because exciting things are happening!!! We shared a glass of wine. It was nice!


CD: I saw some reports that you’re looking to represent Switzerland in Eurovision 2015. Admittedly I don’t know a ton about Eurovision beyond knowing that is it a HUGE event in Europe each year and forgive my ignorance if this if I sound like the typical dumb American but why are you looking to represent Switzerland over your home country of the UK?

KB: Ahhh, that’s a long story. Yeah, Eurovision is a really big deal. The winners become multi platinum artists overnight. It’s super fun to do because everyone loves theatrical staging and it’s all about the performance, which I love. So, I’m entering for Switzerland because to be honest, the UK don’t really promote their artists. They seem to think that people will vote for them just because they are from the UK, which is really sad honestly. And Switzerland will accept any artist from any country, They really get behind their artists and they really promote them so I’m pretty excited by that.


CD: Best of luck with that! They’d be lucky to have you! So beyond your plans for your next song and for Eurovision, what else is on your bucket list of goals you want to accomplish?

KB:I actually really want to write a book. I love writing, and it’s something I love doing. So I think it would be an interesting project. And visit Antartica! Oh…and go to a movie premiere. I’ve never been to one and I’d love to go.

CD: Thank you so much for your time Kitty! I know things are crazy for you right now but “Glitter in the Sky” really is a great song and I appreciate you talking with me. Hopefully you’ll come back and tell us all about your next song when it’s ready! Do you have any final words of wisdom for our readers before you go my dear?

KB: Ahhh! Thank you! I just want to say a massive massive thanks to all my divas xxx I love you so much. Remember – if you want me to be in Eurovision – vote for me on the website on Nov 3rd!!! We can do it!!!! (Purchase “Glitter in the Sky on iTunes here! Follow Kitty on Twitter here and on Facebook here!)

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