Marina and the Diamonds: The Neon Nature Tour

Just when you thought a Florence + The Machine concert would be enough… I just HAD to go down to the Greek Theater to see the legendary Marina and the Diamonds! It’s feels like forever that I was in my car on the way to High School when I would be blasting “Primadonna” and “Teen Idle”. Now I actually got to see her in person and at The Greek Theater nonetheless! I have never been to the Greek before so that made this an extra exciting experience! Let’s talk about it!

The opening act was a lovely French singer known as “Christine and the Queens”. If Robyn and Michael Jackson had a baby, it would be Christine and the Queens. She was so much fun! Her dance moves were just so good and her voice was incredible. Yes, some of it was in French, but who cares? It sounded amazing. I would totally go to a solo “Christine and the Queens” concert! She had a great style and I just loved her!

But let’s move on to the main act, Marina and the Diamonds! Her stage was stunning. It was simple but amazing, a large box setup with her band on top of the box and Marina in front of it and behind her the wall of this box actually showed colorful visuals! Marina’s voice was amazing live and her costumes were everything I wanted and expected. As a fashion designer, I loved the neon, glittery fabrics that were used and they suited Marina so well! Their set was divided into three acts, one for each album; The Family Jewels, Electra Heart, and Froot!

The Family Jewels set was amazing. She performed “Mowgli’s Road”, “I Am Not a Robot”, “Oh No!”, “Obsessions” and “Hollywood”, which was a very fitting setlist for Los Angeles I might say. “I Am Not A Robot” and “Obsessions” were by far my favorite, a great way to start the concert!


Next came the “Electra Heart” act which I was so stoked for! We got to see “Bubblegum Bitch”, “Radioactive”, “How To Be a Heart Breaker”, “Primadonna”, and “Lies”. This was a great set. I was so ready to see “Primadonna” live after all of these years! It was really surprising to hear “Radioactive” and “Lies” but if it had been up to me, I would have told Marina to sing “Homewrecker” and “Teen Idle” because those two songs are just impeccable. It really doesn’t get better than those two song but either way, Marina killed it as expected. I guess I am just not a huge “Heartbreak” fan but the crowd loved it! Bu no fear, Froot was on the way!

So the Froot act was finally here and boy, was I ready! Marina sang “Froot”, “Savages”, “Can’t Pin Me Down”, “I’m a Ruin”, “Forget”, and “Immortal”! This act was a concert in itself! It was so much fun! My favorites were “Can’t Pin me Down” and “I’m A Ruin” naturally. It was so worth it. But where was “Blue”, I came here to see “Blue” to be honest? Marina thanked the crowd and left. But I stayed right where I was.


Marina came back out for the encore and sat in front of the keyboard and started playing “Happy”! It was so beautiful and brought a tear to my eye. Marina is a true talent and I honestly believe she is one of the best singers there is, definitely a part of the supreme singer club with Adele, Sia, Gaga, and Florence Welch. At that moment, Marina announced that there was one more song! One more song! It was “Blue” of course, my favorite Marina and the Diamonds song and it was absolutely perfect. This song is just so beautiful and the visuals and sounds that collaborate with it are just in such a perfect harmony I could listen to it over and over!



All in all, it was a great concert! Marina’s voice is incredible and there is nothing like it. I think Marina is just so cute and her talent is just so raw. I would love to see her again! I think that since this is her first time performing in a larger venue, her stage presence feels a little reserved which I totally get. So I hope that as she begins to open up to the crazy world and more American venues,  she begins to just let loose and dance across the stage! I hope to see her again next time she is in town! The Neon Nature tour is a must see, and you should do so immediately.

If you want to go see Marina and the Diamonds, head over to her site now and get your tickets!



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