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With a fabulous reception to my last article (see that here), I thought what better way to showcase what UK drag scene than to go to the gay capital of the UK; Brighton! This beautiful city by the sea has a thriving night life with plenty of drag to go around. Right on the seaside, overlooking the famous Brighton Pier sits club and bar Revenge. Named Brighton and Hove’s landmark LGBT+ venue, Revenge has been a part of the seaside gay strip for over 21 years. They are also now home to a drag star studded night, “The Powder Room”.  The Powder Room has seen many a Drag Race royal, having hosted nights for The AAA Girls, Haus of Edwards, Sharon Needles, Adore Delano and many more.


Not only does the Power Room have these Ru Girls to offer, they also have a fabulous resident troupe of their own, the House of Grande Parade. If you’re after a shocking performance, which will leave you screaming, laughing and “YAAASSSS”-ing, then they are the girls for you! The trio are made up of Lydia L’Scabies, Rococo Chanel and Crystal Lubrikunt.

Lydia L’Scabies is THE Queen Flea . From nods to cult movies, tastes of the ferocious night life underworld, to prancing around to “Fergalicious” dressed as Hermione Granger, Lydia has a wide range of performances which will leave you wanting more. Or just covered in fake vomit if you’re in the front row.

Photo by Erin Considine
Photo by Erin Considine

Rococo Chanel is a missing Disney Princess, as well as being the perfect balance of cabaret and creepy. Whether she’s portraying Harley Quinn and her abusive relationship with the Joker or dressed up in the most stunning ball gown you’ve ever seen, miming to a piece about wanting a beard, the versatile talent of this queen will leaving you either wanting to be her, or be with her.

Photo by Erin Considine
Photo by Erin Considine

Crystal Lubrikunt has been rightly dubbed a “lip-sync assassin”, backed up by coming second place in Jonny Woo’s LipSync 1000 competition. Expect high kicks, flawless dance routines and a dash of Madonna, all whilst never missing a single syllable.

Photo by Erin Considine

With a mixture of cabaret, cult references and some of the fiercest lip-syncs you’ll ever see, this holy trinity of queens will leave you thinking, “did that really just happen?”.

As one of my favourite drag nights, and trust me, I’ve been to my fair share, The Powder Room will provide you with an array of entertainment, talent and probably one of the best drag nights you’ve ever had. With the wonderful, elegant Max, star and fan favourite of Season 7 joining the Powder Room this Friday, 19th June, it’s a night you don’t want to miss!

Tickets available here!


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