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Miss Bio-WERRRK 2016: Talent (No Mixes) Videos


You can vote once every 24 hours between now and 11:59 EST on Sunday, July 31st. If you have a friend in the competition, we assume your vote will go for them but if you have no dog in the fight, your voting criteria is based on the quality of her lip sync, the relevance of her costume and the emotional resonance of her performance. Be sure you’re liking us on Facebook to be sure you don’t miss any of the Miss Bio-WERRRK news and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see more pictures of our queens!

Kitty Meringue

Pierretta Viktori


Monroe Fitzgerald


Cream Victoria

Crimson Kitty


Gypsy Gemini

Tini Davenport Phillips

Maureen San Diego

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