Miss Bio-WERRRK Creative Eveningwear Judges’ Critiques


Terra Hyman:

Gypsy Gemini is absolutely stunning. Her extensive makeup heightens her natural good looks and the gown had one of the best fits of the entire group. She’s a wonderful model.
Tini Davenport Phillips has an amazing smile and a strong presence. The gown, having so much draped fabric, could have been accentuated big layered hair to match. Bigger hair in general will heighten Tini’s look.
Maureen San Diego was a little difficult to judge because we didn’t get to see the gown from bellow the waist. the sequins were very pretty and the tits are on point but I would need to see the whole length to have a solid critique.
Crimson Kitty a very fun and exciting gown. It’s cute from the front but the back sells it with the massive fabric. Crimson is the bio queen to beat as far as modeling and poise. She has a very solid character choice and reminds me Leigh Bowery with her makeup and physicality. I fee like bio queens, being naturally female, should push themselves to Crimson’s level of heightened realty. After all, drag is meant to be an exaggeration of the female form.


Phaedra Phaded:

Gypsy Gemini, I love the story with the stones on your face matching with the beautiful gown but I wanted to be wow’d and feel like there was that CREATIVE DRAG feel. It’s a beautiful gown and the paint was cute but I want more next time!
Tini Davenport Phillips, I found your walk beautiful but I wanted to see more of your personality. I think a fitted gown showing off your curves and confidence would have been better in this challenge and same with Gypsy’s critique, step outside of your box and get crafty!
Maureen San Diego, girl you have some nice titties and are funny as shit but where was the gown? I needed pageant drama and showmanship not some jiggling and a funny intro. I see a lot of promise in you!!
Crimson Kitty, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your shoes I thought the story and look was cohesive and had something to say. I was captivated from beginning to end and you looked like you had fun! Also I’ve never seen you paint so soft before don’t think that didn’t go noticed haha, great job.


Brita Filter:

Crimson Kitty – I love all the elements of this look. The gown is very soft and flower-like but also has subtle hints of sparkle. You look like your going to a flower ball and I want to be invited!
Kitty Meringue – You’re face is beat to death and back. Werk. Talk about creative. I’m not sure what the theme is or if there is one but I like it! It’s really out there. Its like your an alien almost and you came to Earth and this was your idea of evening wear. Brava for thinking outside the box.
Monroe FItzgerald – Bitch, she better… C’mon staircase! Henny, that dress! I am obsessed with the fit. LOVE that peplum. The CUT- stunning! AND THAT HAT is like the damn cherry on top! BRAVA! You look like a damn wedding cake and I want to eat it up. SLAY BITCH.
Tini Davenport Phillips – C’mon STATUE of LIBERTY! You look beautiful and I can tell you feel beautiful! I love that the eye makeup pulls the entire look together. I wish draping of the dress was a little more asymmetrical to give it a little more vavavoom.
Maureen Sandiego – you slay me. i love the audio of your video, really makes me want to get to know you. I wish I could’ve seen the whole gown, hair to shoes. love the sparkle!
Pierretta Viktori – Every aspect of this look is tied together, I live for that bio hazard matching mask! The creative use of hair. That mug is snatched, beat, and stoned! The fit of the dress is great.
Gypsy Gemini – I love all the jewels on your skin. Taking the gown to your body… YASSS!!! Love the matching jewels everywhere. Gown fits beautifully. That mug is beat hennnny!
Cream Victoria – This look is so fun! It looks almost like your wearing a witches hat. I love the hair makeup and shoes really tight the entire look together. You are serving me cleaned up, fierce Divine.


Britteny of NYC Stilts:

Pierretta Viktori- I love the attachable elements within her gown and small details like rhinestones for nails. The video location and music selected were spot on.
Monroe Fitzgerald- This gown is very complimentary to her figure. Very elegant. Her over size fascinator polishes out the whole look. The video sold the gown with setting and music.
Kitty Meringue: Her use of accessories were key to this look for me. I also enjoyed her balance of colors with the pinks and blues. Great makeup.
Cream Victoria: This look was fun and flirty. I liked the she used the flowers on her shoes as well as the gown to tie them together. Also the music for this video was querky and I enjoyed


Scarlett Bobo: 

Monroe Fitzgerald:YES. GAWD! This is a creative evening gown hennys. From the entrance and decent down the stairs to the alway she worked the gown, I was sold. Fits like a glove and you can tell she feels snatched and gorgeous in it. The entire looks flows perfectly. I LOVE! Where can I get one?! Can it be made into a tear away for me?!
Cream Victoria: Loved the way she looked and felt in this dress. I’m not sure if I would classify it as an evening gown tho. Looked more of a fun flirty performance gown. She wore is wonderfully.
Kitty Meringue: Loved how she camped up the walk. Amazing walk btw! I can tell she felt glamorous in her gown.  I wish it touched the floor! The gown really told me what kind of Queen she was and I was happy about that.
Pierretta Viktori: LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!! INTOXICATING!!! The entire look was put together flawlessly and all tells a story. Rhinestoned biohazard symbol. Slayyyy. Great song, great execution. I’m obsessed. It looked like a performance and I am living.


Creative Eveningwear


Emily Meow:

Gypsy Gemini: STUNNING! The gown is gorgeous, flows beautiful at the bottom and the shape really suits you. I loved the use of gems on your face and arms, really pulled it all together. You really suit black and white, but make sure you don’t overdo it. I can’t wait to see more colour from you.
Tini Davenport Phillips: I love this colour on you. The draping fabrics is super flattering and you look beautiful. I could have done without the hoop earrings, as there was already a lot going on in that area. Also love the way the makeup matches, stunning.
Maureen San Diego: Thank you for bringing sparkles to the table! Such a shame we didn’t get to see the dress in full. The gloves are lovely, in fact all the accessories I love with this and the story behind it. I just wish I could see what the bottom looked like!
Crimson Kitty: I am obsessed! I love this colour, it nips in and flows out in all the right places, LOVE! Could have done without the necklace, as the bottom of the headpiece (I think that’s what it is) would have been enough around the neck for me. The headpiece itself is major. Fabulous.


Brandi Amara Skyy:

Gypsy Gemini: You chose one of my favorite songs to perform to. Mug + hair on point. Love the cut and color on you. Top of the gown in the bust area looks like it’s a bit big. But beautiful overall look and theme.
Tini Davenport Phillips: YES GIRL! Finally! Love the hair, make-up and color. Beautiful smile. i’m not a fan of the overlay – you don’t need it. You’ve got beautiful curves – SHOW THEM OFF!!
Maureen San Diego: I so love and live for your commentary. Video seemed to cut off and I didn’t really get a good full length look so i can’t really judge your overall look. But from what I did see: i love the camp drag that you do and all I can say is keep doing you. Ii, for one, love it!
Crimson Kitty: I love the fact that when i first saw this gown, I thought it was a full length gown, but it’s not!! i love the front opening it was a really nice surprise. Love the overall concept and theme – you look like purple cotton candy . I LOVE it! However the top of your gown doesn’t do your bustline justice and is a tad too tight.

Dallas Coulter: 


Pierretta Viktori: I love that you stuck to your character when it came to gown. My only critique is that I would have loved to see another inch or two on the hem.
Monroe Fitzgerald: This was my favorite gown this week. I may be biased as I’m working with that same fabric right now, but I thought everything was well put together from hair, to hat, to jewels.
Kitty Meringue: I loved the 60’s nod. I’m a little upset about the hem length but I’m sure I’ll get over it *wink*
Cream Victoria: I found this one to be a little too far from evening wear and more toward cocktail party. However I did enjoy the styling of the whole thing. It was put together quite well.

Spencer Williams:

Pierretta Viktori: You did an amazing job! I think you were one of the only ones who saw the word “creative” in creative evening wear. As always, your construction is impeccable and I am very happy for you.
Kitty Meringue: Kitty this was one of your best videos yet. I loved the fact that you took your great ensemble onto the streets and showed it off to the world. You did amazing this week, great job!
Monroe Fitzgerald: You shined this week. Everything about this video was perfect. The song, the long, the location. This video should serve as an example for many competitions to come.
Cream Victoria: Cream Victoria your video was good. The outfit was cute and creative. It gave me a little Halloween vibe but you served the purpose of this challenge in terms of modeling. Well done.


Chiffon Dior:

Gypsy Gemini: I loved how your choice of music worked so perfectly with your look. Your hair and makeup looked on point and I liked all the stones everywhere but I still would have liked to see more from the gown itself. Its a beautiful evening gown but its a little simple for a Creative Eveningwear category.
Tini Davenport Phillips: This color is gorgeous on you and kudos for going bigger with your hair and makeup! I really liked the gown and the fit accentuated your figure very well. My one issue again though is that while its a lovely gown, its not quite Creative Eveningwear.
Maureen San Diego: Congratulations on being the first pageant contestant ever to get not one but two guest judges use the word “tits” in their critiques! The gown looked very interesting and I loved the earrings but it was tough to judge without seeing the whole thing. As always, your commentary is just fan-frickin-tastic. It might be a bit unusual for modeling an evening gown but I don’t care.
Crimson Kitty: I loved the location. I loved the jewelry. I loved the parisol. I loved the floral crown but it overpowered the hair a little bit. Most of all I’d love to know what the kids on the carousel were thinking. The dress was pretty even though the fit wasn’t the greatest up top but overall all the little details made for a great look.


Crunk Panda:

Gypsy Gemini : You looked absolutely beautiful. Elegant and not overstated, but, definitely attention grabbing. Kept trying to sneak a peak at your shoes, but, never got a glimpse. Other than than, just gorgeous.
Tini Davenport Phillips: How you doin? The color choice is perfect for your skin tone, and especially that hair! Loved your accessories, and don’t think I’m not going to look for some illuminated letters that spell out PANDA. Would have liked to have seen your shoe choice, otherwise, thanks for leaving me with a smile!
Maureen San Diego: Kind of bummed this week, each week I’ve looked forward to what you may bring, and this week, it just felt kind of phoned in. I honestly think you could have crushed it this week, from what little I saw in such a short span, you did look fantastic, but, it’s hard to judge what felt like a mirror selfie video. Really, you could have owned this week, hope to see you come out swinging next round, don’t forget you’re amazing.
Crimson Kitty: Love this, honestly, who wouldn’t want to go shoot on a carousel? Thank you for also taking time to highlight the outfit itself in the video, made it a lot easier to see things. You put together a really great look, keep bringing it!


Ja’mie Queen:

Pierretta Viktori: What a wonderful take on “creative” eveningwear- could definitely see the creativity throughout the whole outfit. I love that the theme was carried throughout, and there was quite a bit of makeup+ hair, but I feel it went with the theme very well and added to the look because it was so intense. So glad you took the mask off as well so we could see all of it as one cohesive piece!
Monroe Fitzgerald: Absolutely breathtaking. I want to snatch that dress for myself! Fit beautifully, and you can still walk down stairs in it! Loved every bit of this, every single part of the look was themed the same, loved the headpiece, the makeup was kept simple but lovely to keep the focus on the dress a a piece. The bit of sparkle in the dress was a gorgeous touch. Could not look away- amazing!
Kitty Meringue:Loved the little creative iridescent bits added to the dress! I wish that the actual dress itself fit you a little closer, but all of the accents with hair and makeup provided a cohesive and pretty look!
Cream Victoria: This evening wear intrigues me because i have no idea how it was constructed, but I like that! It was very interesting and visually appealing to watch the movement of the bottom of the dress! A very creative look indeed, loved the hair and makeup as well, very in theme to the rest of the outfit!


Courtney Conquers:
Gypsy Gemini: I’m obsessed with that big, dark hair! I also really liked the way that adding rhinestones to your makeup amped up the glamour factor of the gown. Stark, clean white with drag makeup is always a brave choice, so kudos for that.
Tini Davenport Phillips: C’mon makeup and hair! I’m glad to see you look a little more dramatized- your looks are great when you don’t wear wigs too, but the bigger hair complemented your gown very well. I also really liked that you extended the glamour past just your gown by sticking rhinestones to your arms. It was a nice touch.
Maureen San Diego: I like that you took the “call girl” concept and combined it with your character for a glamorous but still very draggy contrast. I would have liked to see some type of necklace to complement that awesome plunging neckline though!
Crimson Kitty: Adorable setting choice. The ruffles on your dress paired with that carousel made you look like a sparkly cloud of cotton candy. I’m also completely in love with your flowered head piece.


Kat Sass: (Pending)

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