Miss Bio-WERRRK Question & Answer Judges’ Critiques


Strawberry Fields: 

Cream Victoria – loving the look! Zazzy! But I want to know more about when you believe burlesque ends and drag begins, not the difference between the two.
Kitty Meringue – Very genuine! Great answer and really loving this vintage inspired look! Everything is in the right direction, but think of little details that can take your look to the next level i.e. nails, or a broach etc. All and all really adorb!
Monroe Fitzgerald – fantastic answer! It’s nice to hear how excited you are about being a possible role-model. Delicious look!(especially that chapeau!)
Pieretta Viktori – yes gurl yes! This was a fantastic answer! And in my opinion, a look IS a performance! Especially when it’s a look as fab as this one!
Gail Bennington:
Pierretta Viktori: Unapologetically all you! Your look may normally speaks volumes for you, but clearly your words can too. You are undoubtedly an artist who could hold the world in her stiletto-nailed evening gloved hand!
Monroe Fitzgerald: You have Jackie O levels of poise and grace. I’m not just saying that because your dainty fascinator looked like a beautiful tea cookie balancing on your head! How were you not booked to speak at the DNC???
Kitty Meringue: Killer confidence! You obviously  know exactly who Kitty is, and because of that, we do too… and she has a BALLS. You sold me right away and would love to see you perform (and also get eye makeup tips!).
Cream Victoria: You have a laugh that can melt a million hearts! Whether you’re performing burlesque, drag, or even this Q&A, your spark clearly shines through.
Sutton Lee Seymour: 
Gypsy Gemini – You are gorgeous, poised, and very well spoken. Do not be afraid to show us a little bit of the fire in your personality that I think is there.
Tini Davenport Phillips – You are love and joy personified, aren’t you? You are beautiful but I would love to see you take bigger risks with your make up.
Maureen San Diego – I love your personality and your character, which is fun and so inviting. Totally my kind of Queen! Just apply a little editing to your answers, otherwise you rock!
Crimson Kitty – You are fierce, fearless, and and loving which is a rare combination. I wish I had constructive criticism for you but you have got IT.
Pattaya Hart:
Gypsy Gemini : You look gorgeous, I love your hair and all those rhinestones!
Tini Davenport Phillips : Good job responding to a simple question and taking it to more personal and meaningful place.
Maureen San Diego : Hey there fellow purple ‘Dame Edna’ queen!  I adore your personality that shines through and love your answer, but GURLLL that was a LONG response!
Crimson Kitty : Love the look, love your confident! Crimson Kitty for President!



Spencer Williams:

Gypsy Gemini- Gypsy you have obviously been doing your homework. From this small segment I can tell you have either been around enough pageants or have been researching them because your answer was very professional. You have a well thought out response and I think you did very well this week.

Tini Davenport Phillips- Tini I can tell you are a very good public speaker! In terms of the question I think you kind of just scrapped the surface of what the question was really about. A little less about drag in your area and more about how the area has affected YOU.

Maureen San Diego- Maureen, your answer was great. The problem though is that you went way over the time limit. I watched the whole thing and you have a great story and I love your inspiration! Your character is great! But the point of the Q&A is to see if you can give a rapid fire answer without going on into a interview long story.

Crimson Kitty- A very well thought out answer. I think you nailed it!


Emily Meow:

Pierretta Viktori: A really well rounded answer, but slightly rushed. Very inspiring and important points made over all!

Monroe Fitzgerald: A very well constructed answer. Highly inspiring and intellectual. You flowed well and you’re a great speaker.
Kitty Meringue: You’re extremely likeable and down to earth. It wasn’t the most polished answer, yet the response was thoroughly interesting. 
Cream Victoria: Your voice is incredibly soothing and well paced. You answered beautifully and eloquently, as well as being humorous and likeable. 


Courtney Conquers:

Pierretta Viktori: Your answer was well thought out and I liked hearing your perspective particularly because you avoided denigrating anyone else’s performance style or comparing different types of queens in a way that calls into question who’s more valuable. Keep in mind that you speak very quickly- I had no trouble hearing you but, were you to answer pageant questions in a forum where people can’t replay your response, you might be asked to repeat yourself (I get this feedback whenever I public speak too)!

Monroe Fitzgerald: Your answer was delivered like a total professional. It was also very practical- the question could have lead you down a nice but vague road about inspiration, but you managed to give the good aspects of that notion while still talking to us with substance rather than rambling.

Kitty Meringue: I love that you answered your question by way of sharing a personal experience. It helped us actually see the relationship you’ve built between your comedic background and your drag. You also inadvertently hit on an ongoing issue in female entertainment, so it was neat to hear how you’ve used your art to navigate that.

Cream Victoria: You spoke with confidence and didn’t waver in your answers, which gave what you were saying conviction. I could picture you up on a stage answering pageant questions you’d never heard before and handling them just as calmly! Your answers outline the differences between drag and burlesque very well, and I know that you’re working with a time constraint, but I would have like to hear a bit about where you personally delineate them for your character specifically- do you feel perpetually influenced by both or is there a specific point of distinction for you where’d you’d consider yourself doing just drag or just burlesque?


Crunk Panda: 

Pierretta Viktori – This week This week was the first time it seemed like you may be out of your element. It felt like you just wanted to be done with the video and kind of rushed through it. I mention this because with the speed of talking and kind of muted tone, it made your message hard to receive.
Monroe Fitzgerald – Thank you for a well thought out answer, you covered it, we’re succinct but poignant, and just really had a great flow with it all, also, I want that hat.
Kitty Meringue – I like how you made a point to kind of differentiate between you and your persona, especially in regards with how others perceive you. It does make it a bit “easier” to get on stage and take a mic when you are a bit more of a character. Enjoyed your look this week too, excellent response.
Cream Victoria – Solid answer, there were a lot of verbal pauses which kind of hurt the flow of your answer and became kind of distracting, but, the answer was solid. You looked fantastic too!


Ja’mie Queen:

Gypsy Gemini: I loved the confidence in your answers, and the play by play of each step in how it requires just as much work. Loved the points on gender – wish you would’ve slipped something briefly in there about (what I consider) one of the largest differences, tucking – but it can be a tough hurdle to talk about, especially in 90 seconds!
Tini Davenport Phillips: Very well spoken, and I loved the bit of education on the equality centre in your city!
Maureen Sandiego: I wish you hadn’t gone over the time limit! I loved the explanation of your character and how it came to be- the camera shaking was a little distracting, if it was propped up somewhere still, I would’ve been less distracted by it!
Crimson Kitty: Very clear and concise answer to the question, with a solid intro/ Love the expression you convey with your whole body!
Brandi Amara Skyy:

Pierretta Viktori – I thought your answer was perfection. Drag is very much about diversity and everyone – no matter their style of drag – has a place in it!!

Monroe Fitzgerald – The video seemed slight off, but your answer was so full of spot on content that I completely forgot about it. (Yes, drag is a journey!! Love, love, love!)

Kitty Meringue – Loved hearing how drag has impacted you as Dana and how you want to bridge the two.

Cream Victoria – Great answer! Felt like you tripped yourself up a bit in the middle but I love your kitschy-ness and personality!!

Chiffon Dior:

 Gypsy Gemini: You gave a good answer but I would have liked to see you standing for your response. Sitting down makes it a bit casual for my taste.

Tini Davenport Phillips: That was really a wonderful answer. Not much I could say to improve on and kudos for working in your local center.

Maureen San Diego: I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet but this was a bit long, good stuff but long. *wink emoji*

Crimson Kitty: Yet another really strong answer but just like I said to Gypsy, the old school pageant queen in me would have liked to see you standing for this.

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