Miss Bio-WERRRK Talent (No Mixes) Judges’ Critiques

Special Guest Judges


Alaska Thunderfuck
Gypsy Gemini: I loved the location and the song choice. Were you in ballet slippers? That’s cool.
Tini Davenport Phillips: I loved the effort you put into this! Spelling out your name in letters was a great touch. And I love a plastic table cloth.
Maureen San Diego: This was fantastic! I wish I was your neighbor coming home with my groceries during your number. It was fun, and frivolous, and I loved it.
Crimson Kitty:  I wish I was in this bar when this performance was happening! You felt every moment of the song, and made your audience feel it too. And can I borrow those leg warmers?


CoCo De’Ball

Pierretta Viktori: Loved the Makeup! The Outfit wasn’t as sparkletastic as I would have hoped for….Dont Be afraid to use more face!
Monroe Fitzgerald: Love that LOOK AND HAIR!!!! And that Eyemakeup is sexy!!!! Ps I blame everything on my ADD!
Kitty Meringue: Next time put the music into the video so it doesn’t have that awkward serial killer sound in the background, Love that you went for it and gave Face. I was slightly confused by what was lighting up around your neck. Commit to the performance!
Cream Victoria-Love the location! That hair is so fun!!! Don’t be afraid to go for it a little harder and stronger next time!


Wendy Ho
Monroe Fitzgerald: fierce execution of telling the story of this song through look: costume/ make up movement and passion! I can see who this character is–and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.
Crimson Kitty: loved the costume/ make up/ and storytelling in this song–gets extra credit because it also involved humor–she don’t have to be the best dancer to get the point across!
Cream Victoria: loved the passion she brought to this performance of Janet–and I like that it’s not just a celebrity impersonation/ rip off (as per the rules). I like the clearly defined choices!
Kitty Meringue: make up is on point, henny! I think you could have utilized space a little bit better for story telling.
Gypsy Gemini: looks great, but wanted more of a connection to the song, more passion!
Pierretta Viktori: great look, lipsynch is great, but want more of a story to be told. This can be tough with a popular song choice. What are YOU trying to say with this song?
Maureen San Diego: look was cute, but kinda drives me cray when a lady lipsyncs to a male voice.
Tini Davenport Phillips: not really knowing what the look is trying to convey with this song—and biggest pet peeve—can’t hear the music, can’t feel the song, hun!


Fifi DuBois

Pierretta Viktori: Great song choice, makeup, and Look. Watch your musical timing to help and some more lightness and comedic beats, especially if your essentially going to park and bark.
Monroe Fitzgerald: Beautiful costume/look, great use of space, and lack of fear of getting hit by a car! *wink*  Just watch your camera work and angles so we don’t lose any of your performance.
Kitty Meringue: Would have loved to have seen you do more with such a dramatic song but overall a great lipsync and fun makeup.
Cream Victoria: Absolutely one of the best lipsync’s I’ve seen in a long time from anyone. only complaint would be the costume was a little basic and could be pushed a little more, a little too pedestrian.


Ms. Candy Blog
Crimson Kitty:I was riveted and truly felt what she was putting down. Just wish there was more light to show the world the star she truly is!
Maureen San Diego: A funny queen whose beauty shines through, she’s got it together–from the look to the choreography to the timing.
Tini Davenport Phillips: She really choreographed the heck out of this—get it gurl! The costume was interesting as it was a steampunk version of the 20s, 30s, or 40s–am I right? I wish I could hear the music and wasn’t distracted by the sunlight coming in and the backdrop.
Gypsy Gemini: A very pretty queen, I wanted so much more–there was so much farther she could’ve gone with emotion, choreography, the look.


Talent No Mixes
WERRRK.com Judges Panel


Emily Meow

Pierretta Viktori: I LOVE THIS SONG CHOICE! I also loved how much I could tell that you were loving it too! Your costume matched the song, you looked stunning. I believed every word, and I found it super entertaining.
Monroe Fitzgerald : You literally had me screaming at my laptop. I FELT IT GIRL! You displayed so much passion through your choreography, it was super thrilling to watch. Your outfit was fab and I’d LIVE seeing this number live.
Kitty Meringue: Beautiful song choice! Your costume was perfect for the song, but my only critique was that I felt like I lost some of your beautiful face under how heavy the tears were, but I totally understood their relevance. You put real emotion into this and I loved it!
Cream Victoria  : Costuming fit the feel of the song wonderfully. You have a super convincing lipsyncing, and it was fun to watch. You have fab rhythm and I felt your emotions coming through, well done!


Brandi Amara Skyy

Kitty Meringue – One of my all time fav songs. Mug is on point for the song. Find your inbetween moments and make them just as strong as your actual ON performance moments. Watch your hair tugging. Love the lights on your costume!!

Pierretta Viktori – Love how you played with the camera + great eye & facial expressions. Lip synch on point – would have liked to see more of you and that number (i.e. the rest of your body). Look was perfection!

Cream Victoria – Nice movement – i liked that you actually used your space – and performed with your whole body. Liked your look, but i think you could have done more costume wise. Nice facial expressions and eye work!!

Monroe Fitzgerald – i am living for everything. Love that you took a andro take on both the look and the song. Love the facial work + expression. Very entertaining – just watch your lip synch while you’re dancing.


Dallas Coulter

Gypsy- I really like that she stepped out of her box on this one. It’s a powerful message.

Tini- I appreciate it when I queen knows her lyrics!!

Maureen- I cannot get enough of this queen. Literally, my favorite so far. Can I say that?

Crimson- This queen puts her whole heart into her performance and it shows!!!


Spencer Williams

Gypsy Gemini- Gypsy Gemini! I was so excited to hear you were going to be apart of this competition. I’ve been watching your career from the very beginning. As for this weeks challenge, you did a Sia song and look so you already know I am in love with all of this. It was very well done and a very fitting for Pulse. Amazing job! My only critique is the emotion of your lip-sync. With a song like “Alive”, you really have to let that emotion out. If you need to literally scream “I’m Alive!”, then you do it!

Tini Davenport- Tini, Your lip sync was really cute and I loved the song choice. One word of advice, for your musical numbers, try bumping up the volume because it does make a huge difference in my opinion. I also have a challenge for you… I want to see some big hair from you during this competition. Keep it up!

Maureen San Diego- I was pleasantly surprised with this video! I was wondering what song you were going to pick and once the video started I began cracking up. The lip sync could have been tighter, but you still did a great job. I love it!

Crimson Kitty- Crimson! Great song choice… I love me some Robyn. You did a fantastic job with this number. But knowing Robyn and the meaning behind this song, I wanted to see a little bit more connection with the audience. Slow down a little… You were really high energy the whole time and I think it would have been better to start poised and eventually gain the momentum into your emotional dance. Make the audience cry first, then once you have them crying make them scream “yassss!”. Last thing, I don’t really think the outfit matched the number. It kind of reminded me of a like a outfit you would see in a 80’s workout video, which there is nothing wrong with that, just maybe not for this song.


Crunk Panda

Pierretta Viktori – You just make me smile. You seem so in your element, just nailed it. Another great look this week.
Monroe Fitzgerald – This was just cool, you looked spectacular, and the headpiece/mask was very unique. Dug the location too, looking forward to what you do next.
Kitty Meringue – This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Love the dress. I feel with a song like this, there has to be a lot of emoting, and while you got into it, I feel the eye makeup and some of the camera angle, the combination hid a lot of expression.
Cream Victoria – I was a bit nervous when I heard the music start. One of my favorite songs, it’s got such frantic pacing and combined with the imagery of the video, you really have to bring it on this song. Nailed the pace, and that’s commendable in itself, enjoyed how you used the vocal doubles instead of just sticking to the hook.


Courtney Conquers

Pieretta: Your outfit was perfect for your character! Your facial expressions and actions also suited the song very well. I’m always impressed when someone can totally entertain me while they’re standing in one spot and I can only see them from the waist up!
Monroe: Amazing use of space and camera angles! You picked a setting that gave you a lot to work with, and you “werrked” it! I also thought the outfit and makeup matched each other and the song well. Next time, I’d like to see how you do with a song that has more words or less repetitive phrasing.
Kitty: Your lip sync and pronunciation were on point! You seemed passionate about your performance and your makeup matched the aesthetic of the song well. When you perform a slower song, consider choosing points in the song to hit a look or angle so you you don’t get lost with things like what to do with your arms and hands.
Cream: I loved the big hair and big eyes and your lip sync was tight! You clearly knew the song well. I would have liked to see a slightly more outrageous outfit with this look to match the wildness of the hair and makeup. Also, consider editing off the parts where your friends are helping you out at the very beginning and end.


Ja’mie Queen

Gypsy Gemini: I loved the whole composition and flow of this video! The lip-sync was really tight, loved how I could see you even taking the breaths in at the same time as the song. The fact that it was one shot but moved around to different scenes was especially intriguing. Also enjoyed how the end kind of looked like you had filmed with a backdrop even though it was still part of the building! The lighting really provided a great shot of your makeup, would’ve loved to see maybe a little more in the costume! The tone of the song did match the look though!
Tini Davenport: Liked the use of the light up letters to spell your name! And the fact that you made yourself a backdrop! I wish the music had been just a touch louder so I could really get the whole piece as one. The costume was great, I could see some creative touches in it. One thing I would say is to either crop of frame the actual video a little better so we can’t see the background float in and out!
Maureen San Diego: Had me laughing from the moment the song started! Love a creative song choice. And certainly a lot of words to learn, which you seemed to have down anyways! I loved the setting, but just wished we could’ve seen you move around a bit more!
Crimson Kitty: The outfit and matching makeup are absolutely on point! I love that this is filmed in a drag queen’s usual home, a bar at night! Gave it sort of a real feel that i enjoyed. Thought your facial expressions were really great, could sense the emotion you were trying to convey wonderfully. The only thing I would say is that whenever you left the front stage it got a bit dark at times, but from what I could see was great!


Kat Sass

Gypsy: Gypsy, your lip sync was breath connected, which sells it beautifully. The choice to make the camera your scene partner was extremely smart, and I think overall made the video the most enjoyable of the week. I would look at pumping up your wigs more, and combing and styling them a little more “drag” and a little less “pretty female” if that makes sense.
Tini: Tini, I loved your music choice, and you clearly connect emotionally to that song, making this a wise decision. However (and I know this from personal experience) when you wear an eyepatch/ face covering of sorts, it can prevent the audience from connecting with you as fully as you might want them to.
Maureen: I WANT THAT GOLD JUMPSUIT. Also, you were basically word perfect on a difficult rap song and you sold the shit out of it. I would caution you though against any song choices that are extremely repetitive. It can kill any potential for dynamic development throughout the course of the number.
Crimson: Love the song choice, love the costume- you are a rare person who looks terrific in head to toe green! Solid lip sync, engaging choreo. I think personally I would have just like to see the number more from the front to catch everything you were doing.


Chiffon Dior

Crimson Kitty: While I liked your costume (I’m not greenaphobic like Michelle Visage!), liked your decision to film it in a club and loved your song choice, you had some logistical problems with the positioning of your camera. For what is in essence, a test of lip syncing abilities, too many times your back was to completely to the camera. When we could see your lip sync though, it was on point.

Gypsy Gemini: I enjoyed your decision to have the camera follow you throughout the location and kudos to you and your camera person for keeping you in good light for keeping your lip sync clear for everyone to see. Overall I thought you emoted well and that your lip sync was good.

Tini Davenport Phillips: First off let me say that I know a lot of your critiques the first week were to go bigger and your choice in costuming was much more bold this week. I’d still like to see more makeup on you. I wear enough to make a street hooker blush and I still don’t paint half as heavy as some “ladies” out there do. Your lip sync was good but I think the choreography could have stood to convey a little more emotion.

Maureen San Diego: I have to say right up front that like Wendy Ho, I am not a fan of a drag queen doing a male song. That being said, you are a gifted comedic performer with an extremely expressive face and you certainly made me laugh several times during this. Song aside, your lip sync was very good and based on the some of the other critiques, your bold choice went over well with some of them. That’s why I try to have judges with all different perspectives because its not just about my opinion. Or maybe I just like “Hypnotize” better *wink*

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