Miss NotSafe4Werk.com Swimsuit Judges’ Critiques


Miss NotSafe4Werk.com 2015 Swimsuit Judges’ Critiques:





“Great color choice and accessories. Beautiful shape and wonderful energy and spark! You look like you were having so much fun! ” – Brandi Amara Skyy

“Girl! This was so much fun to watch, I literally laughed out loud on a couple of occasions, the vegetable oil slayed me, really enjoyed watching out have fun out there with this challenge.” – Crunk Panda

“I truly feared for you life momentarily when you jumped in the water. I had visions of your giants pads soaking up so much water that you would sink like a rock. Despite a fairly simple suit and “wardrobe malfunction”, the zany vibe of this video more than compensated for that. Much like Panda, I actually LOL’d for real too!” – Chiffon Dior

“From one swimmer clearly to another, I can’t advise swimming with two sofas strapped to your thighs but this video definitely brought a smile to my face!” – Jack Mackenroth


“STR CHLD is a true Polynesian Goddess this week with an amazing feminine silhouette and incredible detail to her look. I gagged so hard I lost consciousness and then resurrected as she brought the gift of LIFE.” – Gail Bennington

“Well, I honestly don’t know how I can say anything without being overly complimentary, so I’m just going to be overly complimentary.  I think this is BEYOND wonderful.  I don’t know if you could necessarily swim a stroke in this, but I don’t really care, because the look conveys “swimsuit” very well – as well as water goddess, flower goddess, earth goddess.  The makeup and headdress all combine with the garment to create a harmonious overall look, and your setting for the video is perfectly apropos.  I don’t know if – within your concept – you were going for “nature in the heart of an urban setting,” but that’s something I definitely gleaned from the piece.  Brava, brava, brava!”  – Poppy Fields

“Wow, what an inspired look. Loved the way you worked the garment while it was on. It was consistent and great. My only issue is while it was a swimsuit, if I had not known this was a swimsuit challenge I would not have known it was a swimsuit. The look was beautiful in any event.” – Sidney Stokes

“One of the absolute best looks I saw this week! I wouldn’t suggest swimming laps in this suit but its a work of art!” – Jack Mackenroth



“Love the your color scheme and choice of swim suit fit your overall theme perfectly. Mug was sickening, i just wanted a little more curve. A tighter cinch around the belt might have done the trick.” – Brandi Amara Skyy

“A queen in polka dots is a woman after my own heart. Crazy about the luxurious, purple mermaid locks. Also, the best props this week with all that arm candy.” – Gail Bennington

“I loved literally everything about this. Your makeup is always beyond “on point”, each week I just stare in awe of your skills, the way you coordinated the purple, the suit and accessories, the beach…just, I don’t even know what compliment to give here other than amazing, and it feels like an understatement.” – Crunk Panda

“The look was very cute and loved that you brought the man candy with you. The suit worked for your body and you kept with the aesthetic throughout. The suit alone did not stand out amongst the competition but the overall atmosphere did.” – Sidney Stokes



“This queen made The High Line her own personal runway. Tons of confidence, style, and class. Watch out Lady SinaGaga, I’m in NYC and plotting to snatch that gold cape from you.” – Gail Bennington

“This queen knows how to strut her stuff! Because of her song choice, perhaps a more fitting comment would be: ‘She can werk it!’ ” – Layla Marie

“You did a great job! The look and the fit of the swimsuit was perfect and I was very happy to see this come together. I think your video was great and I appreciated the fact that you really modeled your suit. As a designer you want your models to take that garment and draw all of the attention to the garment and you really captured that idea.” – Spencer Williams

“Arguably the best fit of the week, you really made the city your own personal runway! Very good cinch so you really served serious body!” – Chiffon Dior




“I thought I was watching The Real Housewives of Dragville! Love the confidence and the direction that you took your swimsuit. Love the hat, love the cover-up (the slit in the back = perfection!).” – Brandi Amara Skyy

“Always looks like you’re having fun. You have a such a confident walk and you showed off the outfit well. Maybe you could even have had a smaller size on the top half of your swimsuit. Although, overall a lovely, bright summery (as much summer as we can get in the UK, I feel you) look!” – Emily Meow

“I’m thinking this is the look of a woman who is enjoying life by the pool while living off divorce settlements from her first two husbands! Good work if you can get it honey!” – Jack Mackenroth

“I think I’m just echoing the sentiments of everyone else here. This is the look of a trophy wife, pure and simple!” – Chiffon Dior




“The swimsuit was a terrific choice for a seamless fit. Showed off that great booty…..and someone clearly took a tuck class ! Performance could have used a little more “spice” but overall, it was well done.” – Layla Marie

“Cher, I personally think this is your best work yet thus far in the pageant.  You seemed more relaxed in your video, you looked as if you were having a good time, and your modeling felt very natural.  I wasn’t crazy about the swimsuit itself, but it fit you well and you looked good in it – and the hair was wonderful.  It balanced your overall proportions, and that is a good thing.  One tiny “production” note for future videos for this pageant or for anything else you may have to produce – on a video like this, don’t make your audience wait 30 seconds watching a blank stage before you appear.  In any other case, and in our “short attention span society,” that viewer might move on to something else.  Great job, and again – best I’ve seen from you this pageant.” – Poppy Fields

“The way you modeled that swimsuit was great!  You nailed everything we wanted this week in terms of swimsuit. But, I want to remind you to exude a little bit more creativity. I feel you have been playing it a little safe with your videos and I think this would have been a good challenge to come out a little. Next time instead of staying in this scene, maybe grab your swimsuit and funky music and head to the pool or the beach,  your bathtub even! Have fun with it!” – Spencer Williams

“While this comparatively simple look got a bit lost in the mix of some of these other dramatic looks, the fit was style and body was served. I would just like to see a little more flash.” – Jack Mackenroth



“Kudos for creativity. Boxxa Vine is clearly an authentic performer. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the full swimsuit outside of one momentary reveal when she took her jacket off partway. Unmistakably demonstrated an enthusiasm and talent for performing.” – Layla Marie

“Ok…first things first – you are a brilliant costumer and your garments are always impeccable and extremely creative.  I admire and applaud what you can accomplish as a seamster/ess.  You are incredibly creative and talented.  That being said (and while I think it’s a great “nod” to reference a pirate in a swimsuit challenge), this really read as a costume more than a swimsuit in every way possible.  Again, there is a whole lot of “right” about this – I mean…I’d love to have it in my closet! – but this is one of those situations where I’m going to channel Nina Garcia (of “Project Runway” fame) and say, “I LOVE it, but it’s not completely in line with the challenge.”  Major props for thinking outside the boxxa, however.” – Poppy Fields

“I love the theme of the video and the whole set-up! You really stayed in character. In terms of the swimsuit though, it was less a swimsuit and more of a leotard. Typically, most people wouldn’t go swimming in long sleeves … So I just kind of wish we could have saw you more focused on modeling a swimsuit as opposed to just playing a character.” – Spencer Williams

“I wouldn’t say Boxxa’s look is really a swimsuit but I definitely loved the overall style and story of her video.” – Jack Mackenroth



“Living for your pin-up glam high waisted look! Chic. Love your look from head to toe and love, love, love your message even more! Bravo, beautifully done!” – Brandi Amara Skyy

“Loved the entire look and the suit fit really well.  At first I was horrified that you removed your top and spoiled the illusion but the message you scrawled on your chest in lipstick (“NOT ASKING FOR IT”) was so punk rock and important that I got over it.  Great job this week!” – Sister Indica

“Such a stylish look. Adorable swimsuit, and the accessories complemented the look perfectly. Those sunglasses are the die for. Modelled the look well, and the “not asking for it message” was an emotional touch. Sooo gorgeous!” – Emily Meow

“Amazing. It was vintage, it was dark, and it was worked. It was my favorite look of the week.” – Sidney Stokes



“This look is to die for and so fully realized. Loved the pops of color everywhere with swimmies as the accent. To top it off the Filet o’ Fish hat was simply the cherry on my cheesecake.” – Gail Bennington

“Loved the flashy outfit – great look! The music was a little distracting, but overall the video was cute and entertaining. Bravo for jumping into the pool in full drag. The great laugh at the end gave it a nice, human element.” – Layla Marie

“I love a fully-realized concept and you nailed it – from head to toe.  Very cute swimsuit and awesome presentation. You even included floaties on your arms! You better werk, bitch. You can send me those shoes, too.” – Sister Indica

“One of my favourite looks this week. So cute and fun, as always. The headpiece was hilarious. Loved how you styled this look. Well edited and super fun.” – Emily Meow



Flawless look and funny video both? This is a queen who has it all. She is pinup dream reincarnate with this classic look and darling little floral head piece. Anita is clearly a pescatarian- no meat. Just. Fish.” – Gail Bennington

“Anita Procedure demonstrated a fabulous level of creativity and ingenuity. I loved everything about this video: The theme, the well-suited suit; the props; the street strut; the humor! And she looked like she was genuinely enjoying herself. Nailed it!” – Layla Marie

“The fit of the suit could have been a bit better – more padding?  Overall, I liked your look.  Your wit is also endearing and refreshing.” -Sister Indica

“You pulled blonde hair much better than I thought you could, you were hilarious as always and the fit was perfect. My only nitpick is that the suit was a little plain.” – Chiffon Dior



“Loved your tenacity and spunk! i knew exactly the kind of performer and drag artist you are from your video and modeling! Great energy. My only critique, your tights line – it would have been flawless (and totally within your drag-style) to throw a belt or leather or something across your midsection to cover it up.” – Brandi Amara Skyy

“Serving up gothy beach babe, Auntie Christ was tucked for the gods. Sex sells and so does this queen’s Sea Witch Hocus Pocus.” – Gail Bennington

“I liked the swimsuit and applaud you for flaunting the suit out in public, I feel like you spent a lot of time trying to hide the line where the tights ended and the flesh began. I feel like there could have been some creative ways to blend or hide that, sadly, it shifted most eyeline to that differentiation.” – Crunk Panda

“First I would like to say good job on the video! As the weeks go on your videos seem a little more constructed and thought out and its paying off! The fact that you chose an aqueduct as your water source made me laugh so hard because I was just happy that we saw typical Auntie Christ out in public by a aqueduct as opposed to a pool. Genius! In terms of swimsuit, I  wasn’t a huge fan. The fit and tuck dare I say didn’t seem to be 100%. Plus it’s a bit of a peeve of mine when I can see the top of tights  sticking out in plain sight… it just felt kind of unpolished. I understand this is probably the aesthetic of your character and for that I applaud you because consistently each week you have been staying true to Auntie Christ and you should never lose sight of that!” – Spencer Williams

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