Miss WERRRK.com 2016 Pageant Anything Goes Talent Videos

Miss WERRRK.com 2016 Pageant Anything Goes Talent Videos:

Welcome to the Swimsuit category of the 2016 Miss WERRRK.com pageant! This which queens will be displaying their talents in an ANYTHING GOES environment! Like we said to the ladies, “Sing a song…dance a jig….juggle exploding fish….spin a bunch of plates….plagiarize an entire Michelle Obama speech on national television…..whatever tickles your fancy…just show us your talent and make it entertaining!”

You can vote for your favorite queen once every 24 hours between now and 11:59 EST on Sunday, December 11th. If you have a friend who sent you here to vote for them, by all means do your friendly duties and vote for them but I might suggest checking out some of our other fabulous content too as long as you’re here. Meanwhile, if you have no dog in the fight, the criteria for earning your vote should be judged on the entertainment value of their performance, the quality of their performance and relevance and quality of their look.. Remember, the fan vote counts towards one third of each queens final score so you can go a long way towards helping to determine this year’s winner!

And now…..let’s see some talent! *crosses fingers for someone juggling exploding fish*









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