The Miss 2016 Scoring System


Miss 2016 Official Pageant Scoring:

Contestant scores for the pageant will be composed of three components.  One third of the score will be awarded by the six person judges panel that will announced shortly. The second third will consist of the combined scores from the four weekly special guest judges that we have lined up. The final third will consist of the fan vote. You, our readers, will be able to vote on our site once every 24 hours for one full week per category for the contestant you believe should win that particular category, so be sure to vote every day for your favorite! I would encourage you to like our site on FB, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to us on YouTube so you are always aware when the latest videos have been released! Every vote will count!

The Judges Panel, the Guest Judges Panel, and the Fan Vote will each award 100 points for winning the weekly category, 90 for 2nd place, 80 for 3rd, 70 for 4th, 60 for 5th, and 50 points for the remaining contestants not in the top five.  If the contestant fails to turn in a video, 0 (zero) points will be awarded. The maximum combined points a queen can receive on any given week is 300 points, and the minimum (if a queen doesn’t finish top five from any of the judges, but did turn in all her videos) is 150 points. The all-time single week high score winner last year was Lady SinAGaga in evening gown competition, with 295 total points.



Each contestant’s weekly scores will be added together, and the queen with the most points overall will be crowned the winner.  Scores will remain private throughout the competition; however, in-depth scoring sheets will be sent to each contestant at the end of the competition to assure fairness and transparency. Select commentary from the judges will be featured each week, so you will get some inkling as to how your favorite queen’s efforts are being received; but keep in mind that we do not feature all the judges’ comments each week, so you will get only a portion of the overall feedback per contestant.  No one should rest on laurels until the competition is over!

In the unlikely event of tie, Question and Answer will be the tie-breaking category. In the event that category also somehow ends in a tie, I will curl up in a ball in the corner and cry. After I dry my tears, the Anything Goes Talent score will be used to break that tie. If that STILL ends in a tie, the winner will be determined by a lightsaber duel to the death.

Thank you all SO much for your interest in the Miss 2016 Pageant, and best of luck to all our queens!

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