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Chiffon Dior: Hi Porsche! How have you been sweetheart?

Porsche Pink: I’ve been great, Chiffon! Just had some pizza fries! How are you doing?

CD: Well, I just gained two pounds reading the words “pizza fries”. Ah, to have a young metabolism again! Other than that, I’m good! Are you still giddy from excitement about the news of these new Harry Potter universe stories Mizz Rowling is working on?

PP: Normally I like to binge eat the day after a show. I have to confess. I’ve been a terrible Potterphile! I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I can’t wait to. I’m really pleased she’s adding to the Potterverse.

CD: Well a little more reading and a little less pizza fries wouldn’t kill you my dear! laughs

PP: Sometimes we have to decide whether to do what is easy or what is right.

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Photograph by Sandy Kaufman


CD: So let’s talk about your history a bit. How did you get started in drag?

PP: It was two and a half years ago in Burligton, Vermont! I was actually terrified of drag queens before and it took quite a bit of convincing before I’d let a queen friend of mine paint my face. I was terrified. So basically I was forced into it. Thank god I like it, right? Ha!

CD: Once you got past you initial terror, how long did it take you to realize you wanted to continue doing it?

PP: I’ve always been a theatre kid and performance has always been something I wanted to do. Once I got to hit the stage and realized people would hand me money for it, I was hooked. It didn’t take very long.

CD: Money is the great equalizer! So once you finished up college in Vermont, that’s when you basically made a bee line for New York City, correct?

PP: That is true! I graduated in May of 2013 with a degree in theatre and zoology and moved to the city on June 16th. I’d lived here before for a summer between my sophomore and junior year. That’s when I fell in love with the city and told myself i had to move here once I was done with school. The zoology part prepared me to work with drag queens. It’s a jungle!

CD: I was trying really hard to come up with a good line about the zoology and you beat me to the punch. Thanks for nothing Porsche!

PP: You’re welcome.

Photograph by Ben Johnson
Photograph by Ben Johnson


CD: As a relative newcomer to New York City, what is your impression of the scene?

PP: I see quite a bit of legendary queens branching out and that’s giving younger queens the space to flourish. It’s great! We all know Bianca used to have about thirteen shows a week here in the city and now that’s she’s constantly touring, it’s opened up opportunities for up and coming queens. And that’s just one of the many! On the flip side, when there used to be twenty queens, there are now about eight million queens marching up and down these streets. Thanks Drag Race!!!

CD: Like you just pointed out an example of, with some of the bigger queens in the city moving on to new projects and phases in their careers, there is the beginning of a vacuum. Who do you think is poised to fill the void?

PP: I’d like to think I’ve been able to get a foothold in nightlife. Obviously I’m no Bianca del Rio……..yet, but there are definitely some people I see picking up the slack. I’m biased because I love all these people but Pusse Couture is a force to be reckoned with. Ruby Roo is a funny ass bitch with an amazing paint, and Thorgy Thor is probably the most talented bitch I have ever met. She’s been at it longer than most and she deserves to be more famous. She’s a gift to the world. Just ask her.

Artwork by Phillip Orozco
Artwork by Phillip Orozco


CD: Since you mentioned Drag Race, how do you feel about the show? Do you think it is a positive or a negative for the business?

PP: Both. I think it’s done wonders for drag. Hell, it’s partially why I started, but Jackie Beat made a great point in an article I read. She said something to the effect of how these girls that are lucky enough to get on the show are all of a sudden “famous” and take the gigs of those who have been putting decades into the craft.

CD: Is the show something you aspire to be on?

PP: I would love to get on the show. It instantly gives you a huge platform to work with and the ability to do drag full time. But if I had been in this for years and this new fishy queen who’d been doing drag for two years was all of a sudden getting paid thousands of dollars to twirl around to a dumb pop song in a leotard, then yes I’d be a bit upset. Look at Bianca. Again. She’s done so much more than any other contestant because she’s a smart cookie and knew what she wanted to do with it. I feel that some girls kind of fade after if they don’t know what direction they want to go in. So yes. I’d love to get on. But it’s a huge responsibility.

CD: And no pizza fries while filming.

PP: Hey now! We all have our guilty pleasures.

CD: Mine is ice cream. And vodka. So what do Porsche Pink bring to the table that makes her unique in a city with a crap ton of drag queens and more getting off the bus each day?

PP: She ain’t just a pretty face! I hate these questions because I do thing everyone has something unique to offer. I mean, it’s drag, anything is possible. But I rarely see anyone who is awkwardly funny like I am. I honestly think of myself as a man in a dress because that’s what I am at the base level. The biggest no-no I can think of in this business is taking ourselves too seriously. And I think I excel at doing the exact opposite. Nightlife is an illusion. Everything is fake, this is not real life, and the fantasy we provide is an escape from the monotony of everyday life. Take the makeup off, turn on the lights, and see how quickly the fantasy dies. Laughs

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CD: Wow, way to bring the mood down Porsche. Excuse me while I got stick my head in the oven!

PP: Can you heat my pizza fries up while you’re at it?

CD: Like there are any left! Hooker please!

PP: Laughs Second helping!

Photograph by Eva Mueller
Photograph by Eva Mueller


CD: You’re still very new to the drag scene but what kind of goals do you have for yourself as a performer?

PP: At the moment I just want to keep my momentum up. Drag is a stamina sport. You really have to go out all the time in different looks if you ever want to get noticed. I intend to keep doing drag, pay rent, have fun, and entertain the masses. In the long run I’d love to keep going, keep improving, keep learning, hopefully get on a Drag Race. I’d love to be on television. Filming is really fun to me. Oh! Fame and glory too!

CD: Where can people see you around the city?

PP: I have my show at Boots and Saddle with Scarlet Envy every Thursday from 4-6 where I can do whatever I want. It’s great for trying things I don’t get the chance to if I’m guesting somewhere where you do a number or two. You can also catch me in Ana Gasteyer‘s latest music video, “One Mint Julep.”


CD: And recently you just had a photo shoot with the amazing Magnus Hastings! What was that experience like for you?

PP: It was absolutely terrible! No. I kid. It was amazing! Magnus is hysterical and brilliant. I mean, look at his pictures!

Photo by Magnus Hastings


CD: I guess that just about wraps things up honey. Do you have any final words of wisdom for the readers before I help you polish off that second helping of pizza fries?

PP: Words of wisdom? Hmmmm. Come see my show! Happy hour drinks are 2-for-1!


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