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Well boys and girls, we’ve finally reached the end of the awards but first we need to present the nominees for our top honor, the Not Safe 4 Werk 2014 Drag Queen of the Year Award. This one is pretty cut and dry, simply which queen had the best year? These are our five selections. The choice is up to you.


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Brooke Lynn Hytes


The talented young Canadian wowed the Miss Continental crowd in Chicago over Labor Day weekend with a pageant talent that somehow successfully managed to merge Britney Spears and the ballet en route to her claiming the very prestigious title of Miss Continental 2014.




When a drag legend the caliber of Lypsinka returns to the stage in New York City after a ten plus year absence, people take notice. When they return with not one show but a trilogy of shows, “Lypsinka: The Box Set”, “The Passion of the Crawford” and the third part, named for the man behind the diva, “John Epperson: Show Trash”, it becomes one of the defining moments of the year.

Ben Brantley of the New York Times summed of the importance of Lypsinka in 2014 in his review and does so more eloquently than I ever could. “Most of these women are creatures of another era, of course. And you may wonder, as a friend and I did after one of the shows, if Lypsinka is only a nostalgic presence now. Upon reflection, no, on the contrary. She’ll remain a viable, compelling, cautionary figure for as long as people paint their faces, compress their bodies into support garments and stuff their feet into high heels.”


Derrick Barry


It’s been a big year for the second best Britney Spears act in the world today. Aside from remaining one of the preeminent attractions in Frank Marino’s long-running Vegas show, Derrick has made several television, radio and print appearances, toured some of the biggest drag venues in the country and even made time to walk the runway in the Marco Marco Show. Not a bad year. Rumors persisted that Derrick would be in the season 7 cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race but at this point one might think that Drag Race needs him more than he needs Drag Race.

Miss Coco Peru

Coco-publicity whore

The legendary Miss Coco Peru had quite the year. She wowed audiences nationwide with her tour, had several hilarious and popular videos (including Mother Coco Knows Best and Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto 5 With Coco Peru) and even released a hit single, “Show Me Your Pride”! On top of that, she found time to win the Not Safe 4 Werk contest series, “What If Drag Race Happened in the 90’s?”, but don’t hold that against her!


Bianca Del Rio


You didn’t think we’d forget her, did you? Not today Satan! If you don’t know about the year Bianca Del Rio had, what the hell are you doing on this site? In addition winning season six of a little show you may have heard of called “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, she already headlined the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Courtney Act and Michelle Visage, insulted audiences nationwide and even get into bed the late but no less legendary Joan Rivers. I’m not sure what you do for an encore but I’m sure Bianca has a few tricks left up her sleeve. Or possibly a knife.


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