NS4W Best of the Month: April 2014


Travel back with me if you will, to a gentler time. The month is April. The year is 2014. We, as a society, were not as jaded and cynical as we are now. Buffalo was still a functional city, not the victim of a PMS-ing Elsa’s rampage, the world didn’t yet know that the second Spider-Man movie would suck and a bright, shiny new website, NotSafe4Werk.com was just getting started. So sit back in your favorite comfy chair and relive with us now the best of the articles that NS4W had to offer in its first month of existence!






Chiffon welcomes everyone the debut of NS4W and discusses a little bit of her plans and vision for the website (which at the time did not include Spencer reviewing hamburgers) in An Introduction To Not Safe 4 Werk: 4/21/14!

Chiffon sits down with the hilarious NYC comedy duo Mel and El in Dior Adores: Mel and El!

Meagan dishes with NYC singer Garek about his career and his new song in Garek: God Save the Queen!

Go back to the very beginning in the premiere edition of Poppy’s Coffee Corner: Episode One!

Sidney dove into the upcoming slate of summer movies in Sidney’s Summer Cocktail Movies!

Our resident showgirl Tatiana shares her experience at the humongous 2014 K-Pop Festival in Tatiana Turan and the Bling Divas perform at the 2014 K-Pop Festival!

Spencer makes his debut for NS4W and he’s actually not writing about burgers or Cyndi Lauper for once in Spencer’s Spotlight: April Fashion Update!



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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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