A Haute Second with Spencer: 12/24/15

December 24, 2015 Spencer Williams

Hello everyone! Welcome back to “A Haute Second with Spencer”. This is my second… edition so to say and I am still super excited about this column. I hope you all have been looking forward […]


A Haute Reflection with Spencer

February 22, 2019 Spencer Williams

I can’t even believe it, but it’s true. This is my 200th published article at Instead of using my 200th article to discuss a television show about zombies, or review another cheeseburger restaurant, I […]

The Haute Seat

The Haute Seat: Yaz Mirgoli

February 12, 2019 Spencer Williams

Hi friends, welcome back to another edition of The Haute Seat. I am very excited, because this week I have with me one of my favorite people. She is a designer, director, filmmaker, PR professional, […]