SLURP WEEK: Paige Turner’s Friends Speak!



What better way to celebrate SLURP’s Five Year Anniversary than to let Paige Turner’s closest friends and colleagues say a few words about her? I mean, what could go wrong? Wait, this bunch know where all the bodies are buried….this may have been a bad idea….


Justin Luke: If it weren’t for the Showbiz Spitfire Paige Turner, none of you would know who I am. Okay, not exactly. But you wouldn’t have remembered me as well, that’s for sure. This buxom blonde is literally the reason that I am known for my famous/infamous pink fake eyeglasses. I had been wearing them around town on Gay Pride weekend three years ago and she came up to me (at Slurp, go figure) and said “you look great in those pink glasses. You should start wearing them everywhere you go. They’ll become your brand.” I listened to her, and here I am! I am so tied to the pink glasses that I people don’t recognize me when I’m not wearing them (or, if they do, they’ll ask me where they are.) When my birthday or Christmas comes around, I get pink everything as gifts. “Justin Luke” is the pink glasses, and vice versa. So thanks, Paige. Thanks for giving me my identity. And thanks for the years of friendship and business partnership, too.

Jackie Cox: I will say one of my favorite parts of the last five years has been the numerous times Paige has dragged me all over creation looking for the perfect (terrible) clothes to use in Drag-in-a-bag. A little known secret is that she purposely looks for dresses that are EXTRA short so you can get into a bit of a “gorillas in the mist” situation once the hunky boys start dancing! More little known facts: I was at the very first Slurp in 2011 and I was Paige’s first “Tip-Bucket Boy”! I’ve also been her most repeated guest star at the show and our annual shows have become something of a tradition: Mother’s day, Comic-Con, Christmas in July, the 9 to 5 Labor Day show and Halloween Spooktacular! The first 3 years were at Vlada which sadly closed. There was more of a clubhouse vibe back then because of the smaller space but Therapy is like our Broadway version of the down-town off-broadway leaky ceiling version, and yes- the ceiling at Vlada was really leaky! We used to do the show in galoshes and rainslickers! (just kidding- but we should have!)

Juicy Liu: I’ve been going to Slurp for a long time, but hadn’t ever introduced myself to Paige up until last year. I had added her as a friend in Facebook, but since I was one of thousands FB friends, I thought I was still an anonymous fan… But I was at one show early last year, and she was asking the audience if they knew what “Slurp” meant, then she pointed at me and said “I bet you do… BRIAN (my boy name)!!!” I was so shocked and excited. One of my favorite drag queens knew who I was! Since then, it’s been fun getting to know her and she’s been so supportive! I’m so glad she called me out that night!

Tommy Buckner: Where do I start? I have countless great memories with the always lovely Paige Turner. We’ve worked together on many projects at New World Stages and all of them were exciting in one way or another. But I think one of my favorite times with her was when we played air-hockey together at Boxers. I kept thinking to myself “How cool is your life Buckner? You’re playing air-hockey with one of the most popular ‘not-quite-yet-washed-up’ Queens of Hells Kitchen! You’ve made it!” She ended up kicking my ass, but it’s a night I’ll never forget. I’ll also never forget the first time I went to see her in “Slurp” and the boy she chose for drag-in-a-bag decided to rather than change into clothes, take off all of his clothes, bend over, and spread his ass like it was his job. Ahh Slurp, such a magical and always classy show.  I love you Paige Turner and I will always be obsessed with you for the rest of my life. You truly are one of the most talented Queens out there and I’m almost positive that someday someone other than me will notice. *wink* All the best, and congratulations on every one of your accomplishments. You deserve the world.

Alexis Michelle: I hadn’t met Paige before season 5 of SYTYCD started and throughout the course of the competition she was really nice and supportive and encouraging, but it was toward the end of it that I really understood who the real Paige was. It was during a rehearsal for one of our group numbers and then after the competition was over at a lunch with a few gals; she and I started talking about Men and I said “you and I are REALLY cut from the same cloth!!” We’re just a couple of thirsty, boy hungry, MILFish Slurp-whores. Happy SLURPiversary Paige!

Nomi SAS: WOW! SLURP 5 years. Thats longer than Scandalous, Wonderland and Xanadu combined! And thats a lot considering thats where all her material comes from! But in all seriousness i always enjoy working with Paige, it’s like taking a master class in musical comedy. Every time I return to SLURP I’m returning to my roots! I get to perform and collaborate in a creative, safe and Non-Union Theatrical environment. Her audiences make you feel like a Broadway Star, which is a lot considering its the closest I may ever get. Sure SLURP might mean “A cute boy” or “I wanna eat your hole” but for me SLURP means family. Congratulations Lady Paigina! Viva LA SLURP and Thank You for creating with me!

James Mills: What can I say about Paige Turner—Something hilarious? Something scandalous? I hate to disappoint, but I’d rather tell another kind of anecdote. I have known Paige Turner for half-a-dozen years or so. In fact, I attended the very first Slurp! at Confused 51…ugh, oh, I mean the dried-up watering hole formerly known as Vlada Lounge. Our friendship was instant, largely based on a common love of cheap drag jokes and the fond recollection of stories from the Golden Age of Broadway and Hollywood. Paige knew I had impersonated a few divas in my career and frequently called me out during her show for an impromptu impression. I surprised her on the first Slurp!: Disney show by dressing up and sitting in the audience as Carol Channing (who, in turn, was dressed as one of the original Three Mouseketeers). It was completely ridiculous, but she engaged me and our comic banter was a hit! After that, Paige and I worked together on five tremendous themed shows (four of which were based on our enormously successful Slurp!: A Christmas Carol). What started as a silly stunt, turned into a hilarious collaboration. It’s rare that drag queens in New York City can respect the foundations of comedy and still cultivate new and emerging talent. Congratulations, Paige, on five years of Slurp! And thank you for many wonderful memories. Here’s to the next five years. Raspberrieshhhhh!

Boxxa Vine: I have to say one of the major parts of last year was being cast and competing in So You Think You Can Drag hosted by Paige Turner. She was not just a great performer and host but she was so genuine and always so supportive of her whole cast. Her kind words made the long drive and the hours of work into each week so worth it in so many ways. I found in her someone who cares so much about drag and her fellow performers and I really cherish all our chats backstage and the fire I saw inside of her that I strive to also have. Happy 5th Anniversary Paige and I hope to get to werk, slurp, and perform together again soon!

Billy Hannon: Sluuuuuuuuurp! My dear Paige, congratulations on 5 years. Aaaaaaaaah’ll drink to that! I miss terribly working with you every Sunday (Barbara, please!) and have loved watching you and your show evolve. You’re a fantastic and engaging performer who deserves all of the success you’ve worked so hard for. So here’s to locking ourselves in the bar and hiding from you-know-who, pouring champagne down a naked twink’s body, send in the clowns by candlelight, the cup song, TURKEY LURKEY, and all the margaritas, dicks, and butts one could ever ask for. Oh and one last thing: Tina! Bring me the axe!!!

Holly Box-Springs: The first time I saw Paige Turner’s Slurp was about four years ago back when it was at Vlada (yes…Vlada) and her show was always packed and ALWAYS fun. I was immediately drawn to her because she would do songs that I never expected someone to perform. She would go from one of my favorites from Kristin Chenoweth to some “Giddy On Up” by Laura Bell Bundy. Little did I know that she would give me my start at Holly Box-Springs and I can’t thank her enough for one inspiring me to be yourself no matter what, two for giving me the most incredible way to start performing and three how much fun it is to get people completely naked on stage! Congrats on FIVE YEARS of Slurp Paige!!

Chelsea Piers: Slurp Sundays is the gay “Cheers” of New York City nightlife. Sometimes you want to go where every twink knows your name. A few years ago, I was one of those twinks, unassumingly ripped from the audience, stripped, and forced to lip synch for my life in one of Paige’s discarded wigs. Little did I know, I’d be making my NYC drag debut on that same stage one year later. Since then, I’ve gone on to make countless Slurp appearances, win a GLAM award, and cement my presence in this brilliant community. Through it all, Paige has been a mentor, a colleague, and one the best friends a girl could ask for. I know I speak for many when I say that Slurp Sundays has become home. It’s home for Paige, for her sisters, and for the crowds who have flocked there for nearly five years. Paige pours her heart and soul into this show, and that passion is what keeps the audience entranced from “Dark Lady” until they mob the stage door for photos. She eats, sleeps, and breathes her art which has inspired me and pushed me to become a better performer and business woman. Paige would rather pay full price at JC Penny than let anyone call her mom, but we’re proud to call her our acting coach. Here’s hoping AMDA graduates, Mexicans, and stalkers will be screaming “SLURP!” for years to come.

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