Panda Reacts To Captain Marvel!

The trailer for the next big Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson, has dropped and your friendly neighborhood Crunk Panda is here to break down all his feelz about it! 


As the trailer opens, we see something coming in at high velocity making an impact…on, or perhaps into a Blockbuster Video. Now, I don’t know about you, but, if I am working on a throwback period piece of the 90s, I can think of few better places to start a story than a Blockbuster.

Captain Marvel takes on Blockbuster
Captain Marvel takes on Blockbuster

If you stuck around for the after credits of Infinity War Part 1, the activation of Captain Marvel comes as no surprise, though, in the theatre it was an excellent moment for the fans. A combination of gasps, “YES!”, and even confused reactions echoed across the room.

We quickly see our newest heroine in her Kree Green suit as she begins to gather her senses, perhaps wondering what Genesis title she should pick up and run through for the weekend. As Nick Fury narrates a bit, we realize that though she may look like the rest of us, she clearly isn’t like the rest of us, and I’m pretty sure she isn’t from around these parts…or so it seems.

Captain Marvel is all like pewpewpew
Captain Marvel is all like pewpewpew

In a quick montage of sorts we begin seeing her in action. Jumping around with relative ease, Carol Danvers giving us a small taste of what she is capable of, all while seemingly sharing the screen with a younger fully sighted Nick Fury.

As the trailer continues they pepper in a slight bit of origin in both storytelling and through visuals, we see a bit of the evolution of Carol from not only a young lady to a woman, but, from a woman to Captain Marvel.

This two minutes packs in a lot, and seeing that reveal of the iconic suit, goosebumps. Get ready 2019, Marvel is still swinging for the fences as only they can and it looks like the Marvel Universe is expanding a bit more.

Keep Skrulling if you hate spoilers

My biggest takeaway is that Carol Danvers is going to be a serious problem for Thanos as we move forward.

So what do you think? Any twists, new characters, or cameos? We’re excited but we want to know what YOU think!

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