Panda Reacts to the Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer!

Marvel Studios at it again!

Admittedly, I haven’t been keeping up with release dates and the shooting schedules, as Marvel has gone full speed ahead. It seems routinely there is a trailer, set picture, video release, or something new coming down the pipeline.

On January 30th, Marvel debuted the official trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp. The timing surprised me a bit, on the heels of the Super Bowl, and coming off the ratings bonanza of the Grammys, a Tuesday trailer drop seems a bit out of place. Perhaps they are looking to join in on the buzz Black Panther is creating.

I digress, as the trailer opens we get out glimpse of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly talking a bit, Ant-Man reflecting on the events of Civil War and asking Wasp if she would have helped if asked. Her answer is an honest one and she follows it up with a quick jab at his stealthy abilities, or lack of. Looks to be setting up some friendly competition and banter.

We quickly see Hank Pym and family have seemingly been pushed out of the shadows, now the world knows who they are. There is little doubt that there are countless people who would love to have the technology that we have seen. This film seems to offer even more really imaginative uses of that same technology.

No pigeons were harmed in the shrinking of this building.

From flying on the back of a beetle to going full on giant, Ant-Man is using every trick in his bag. Wasp is no slouch either, arguably far more polished and refined in use of the suit, fighting techniques. All in all Wasp seems to have her shit together much more than Ant-Man.

The creative uses of powers and how they utilize them to escape danger is really cool. In the past we seen those bullet time moments where people duck, dodge, sway and other things to avoid damage. In this one, we see a shrunk down Wasp turn a knife being thrown at her. No big deal she turns it into a platform to run along and advance on her adversary.

The Wasp advancing against an aggressor as she runs along the blade of a knife

As we begin to see what Wasp is capable of, the trailer cuts to a moment where Ant-Man and Pym are talking and Ant-Man notices Wasp not only has wings, but blasters too…he says it like a child kind of bummed that his sister got a cool toy and he didn’t. Hank quickly but gently lets him know he wasn’t ready for those kinds of toys just yet.

This looks 3D heavy as we see cool things from bugs to knives to even a Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser. So, I expect them to be very innovative as things grow and shrink.

I bet loading that dispenser is a BITCH

The original I think had low expectations by most, and for myself…it became one of my favorite Marvel movies. They did a great job combining an interesting story combined with regret, redemption, humor, action, and all things in between. It looks the that successful formula is still in tact as more familiar faces pop up in the background.

Clear your schedules, July 6th looks to be a great day to go to the movies. So, what did you think? Will you be making this part of your July 4th Weekend? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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