Pandora Boxx says “Workout’s a Drag!”


Chiffon Dior: Hey lady! It’s great to talk to you again gurl! I can’t believe you have a new song out already…..wait, what? It’s a Kickstarter (Go and contribute here. We’ll wait for you) for a workout video? I guess that’s um….neat? Wait, are you calling me fat?

Pandora Boxx: You too! I always enjoy our chit-chats. And yes it IS a workout video that we are trying to raise money for the production costs. It really is for anyone of any shape who wants to feel fit and have fun doing it.

CD: Okay, so how did you get involved with the fetching Craig Ramsay? Should I assume he’s still tied up in your basement somewhere?

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PB: Ha! He might like that! But actually I met his husband Brandon Liberati on the set of RuPaul’s Drag U. We hit it off and kept in touch and then I met Craig. They are such a great, fun couple. Craig offered to be my trainer and he whipped my ass. Not literally but I thought I’d pass out. Thankfully, it was with Alec Mapa so we could commiserate together. The thing is Craig always did it in such a loving encouraging way that I loved it, especially the results!

CD: What made you decide to get involved in a project like this? If drag queen fitness is really important, shouldn’t you start with trying to get their livers in shape first?

PB: Liver health is always important and the idea is actually to have “healthy” liquor options too! We plan to have the whole routine set in a “drag bar” so it’s like watching a show. I really love those 80’s-90’s campy workout videos so that’s why I was immediately drawn to it. I also knew Craig knows what he’s talking about. I can’t get into many modern fitness videos but this one will be fun and funny.

CD: With the travel schedule you have for work, how to find time to work out on the road? Or do you just do the time honored “no solid food” diet?PB: It’s SO hard and that’s partially the reason I started working with Craig. You really do have to search for the right things to eat on the road. I’m a work in progress so I’ll be going on this journey with everyone else! You really just have to treat your body like a temple. It’s the only body you’ll ever have so why not treat it that way?

CD: I tend to treat my body more like the Temple of Doom from that Indiana Jones movie so I should probably check this out. So if people want to see you sporting some leotard and leg warmer realness, how can they help? More importantly, what kinds of fabulous gifts can they get if ante up a few bucks?

PB: They just have to donate to our Kickstarter! We are 25% there already! I’m planning some fabulous workout frocks for this! There are some amazing incentives like a workout with Craig (even a consultation via Skype), a personal video message for anyone from me, a cut and style from Craig’s hunky husband Brandon and even a night out on the town with us!


CD: Well there you go people! Load up on Craig and Pandy swag and help fund a great project! Anything else we need to plug before we call it a night?

PB: Plug it up! Plug it up! Oh sorry I had a Carrie moment. But I’m good on plugs for tonight. Thank you so much!

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