Pose: Acting Up

After what feels like forever, FX’s inspiring and influential show, Pose, is back on our TV screens! Just in time for Pride! This week’s episode was already a heavy one, so let’s jump into it!

The new season opened up in 1990. Mere minutes into the first episode and it was already making us feel things. In the midst of the AIDS crisis, we watched as Pray Tell and Blanca visit a remote island where unclaimed bodies are laid to rest. Pray is visiting Keenan, an ex who was lost to the illness. This scene was too real, showing us how terrible those with HIV and AIDS were treated. Often disposed of as if they were nothing. As much as I would have loved the new season to open with a ball scene, the social and political message behind this scene was so important.

Things didn’t pick up, y’all. Blanca visits the doctor and finds out her diagnosis has been changed from HIV+ to having AIDS. She came into this appointment feeling great and confident, quickly to be told her t cells have gone down. The doctor is able to get her medication from the rich patients who had passed on and left their extra meds. While she is explaining this, there was a scene of an AIDS patient dying. It was heart wrenching.

FINALLY we got ourselves a ball scene to lighten the mood! Everyone is excited about Madonna’s new single Vogue. Ever heard of it? Blanca thought it would make them all stars. Angel Evangelista snatched a trophy and looked gorgeous doing it. Flash forward to the next day. Blanca finds Angel walking the pier but grabs her and takes her to a modeling contest instead.

Before we got to see how Angel did in the modeling contest, there was yet another funeral. Pray mentions it’s his 210th funeral, while also reading the boys there hunting for dates. Nurse Judy joins him at the funeral and watches him break down. She brings him to an AIDS organization meeting. Pray is against it at first, but after listening to the speakers, he is inspired.

Back to the modeling contest. Angel impresses with her ability to vogue and the cute instant photos she had on her. She advances to the semi-finals, but first, she needs to get some professional photos.

It was family dinner time and Blanca was still going on about how Madonna was going to take them mainstream. Pray, on the other hand, was not as sold. He’s seen how other queer art forms had not been so lucky. Pray convinces everyone to join him at an AIDS protest at the Catholic church. Elektra refuses, but mother Blanca quickly puts her in her place. The protest would be a family affair, even if it cost Blanca her job at the nail salon. She quit after they wouldn’t allow her to leave for the protest.

The haus and nurse Judy file into a pew. The church is crowded and the AIDS group quickly makes their presence known. They lay down in the aisles while the priest begged his followers to pray. The protestors try to spread awareness to the disease and the garbage sex ed the shurch promotes. Of course, this ended with police intervention.

Angel’s photoshoot started out as one of my favorite scenes. She looked so gorgeous the photographer let her shoot for a full day for free although she couldn’t afford it. She shot in several looks and slayed every one of them. In the end, it wasn’t free. She was forced to strip naked and take sexual photos. She was assaulted.

On a happier note, it was ball time again. Category is… French Revolution. It was… so good, of course. Pray read Candy and Lulu to filth. Elektra, on the other hand, was served cake in her Marie Antoinette look. The crowd went wild. My favorite quote came from Pray, of course. When he said, “Y’all created a guillotine for this, really?” I died! Pray took it and reversed it, though. Elektra got tens across the board, of course, but Pray read her too. She failed to show up to the sit in at the church, so he broke her trophy. It’s what she deserves! Her attitude regarding the protest was appalling.

After the ball, Angel opens up about her experience with the photographer. Angel, Papi, and Blanca hit the studio and literally hit the photographer. We love a justice scene! They took the photos and the negatives. Angel returned to the modeling contest where she is told she has a real chance. She made top ten!

The family had dinner and Elektra showed up late again. This time, it got ugly. She flipped a table and left the family after the incident at the ball. She told Blanca to never show her face at the ball again and joined another haus. As unsavory as her character is; she is so fierce. The way she walked down that hallway like it was a catwalk? Dead.

The episode ended with a vogue scene and the family hugging, followed by a message on the screen. Silence = death. Act up. What a powerful way to end a powerful episode. Are you as happy as we are that Pose is back? Let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode in the comments below!

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