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Pose: Never Knew Love Like This Before

After taking a week off, FX’s hit show Pose was back with a new episode. Oh boy, was this one a doozy. Strap yourself in for this emotional ride.

Thankfully, this episode started us off with a happy scene. The opening ball scene was a lot of fun, as always. The boys serving trade hit the floor and vogued. Pray was back in his shadiest form, reading Candy to filth for her performance. Pray then joined Blanca at the hospital, greeted by nurse Debbie calling them ‘fierce’ while voguing at them. Those are Pray’s words and they were true. The hospital visit entailed Blanca’s blood work improving from the medication she was on. She and nurse Judy tried to persuade Pray to get on the medication but he refused. It was hard to watch him refuse treatment as such a loveable character. He stormed out of the hospital.

Pray instead hit the diner for a grand slam breakfast. He and his group were addressing new categories when Candy bounced in, saying she knew this was where the bottoms were meeting. Brilliant. She also insisted the addition of a lip synching category, and when denied, she held a butter knife to Pray’s throat. She promised it wouldn’t be the last they saw of her.

At the next ball, Angel and Blanca found out from Lulu that Candy missed her last two shifts and hadn’t been heard from. Turns out, she was turning tricks. Lulu and Blanca went to look for her at the motel. The room she usually worked out of still had the key checked out, but the employee at the desk refused to let them check. The family then became a devoted search party with flyers and Papi on phone duty. When a call came for Blanca, we all knew what it meant.

Lulu joined them at the apartment and Blanca had to break the news to her that Candy wasn’t going to be coming home. Elektra joined Blanca and Lulu to hear the full story of what happened. When housekeeping went to clean the motel room, they found a blood stained towel, and later, Candy’s beaten body in the closet. Angel gave a very moving speech about how 11 girls had been murdered and it was only May. Elektra and Blanca were going to work on getting her body from the morgue. They were going to fight for her and keep her memory alive.

Somehow, getting Candy’s body involved nurse Judy dragging the front desk man for dating her friend and breaking his heart as leverage to get Candy’s body. It worked and they were able to plan a proper funeral for Candy. The funeral home embalmed her free of cost. With how much death she endured in her life, she spent so much time attending funerals and greeting the employees by name. Instead of being grateful, the girls read her make up for filth, which was much deserved. It was bad. They fixed her up and made her look beautiful.

The funeral home was packed with guests paying their respects to Candy’s legacy. Pray spoke first, not beating around the bush that Candy was a pain in his ass. His speech was moving, all about how in the end they are all family and how they must protect and look after each other. Pray had a vision of Candy telling her she forgave him as he sat in the pews. She also dragged him for never giving her a chance to impress him. Pray spoke to her about how she was everything he tried to hide about himself and that’s why he was so hard on her. She left a powerful message with him: what do other people’s opinions matter when you’re gone? Oh, and she would have killed the lip synch category. Angel also had a vision of Candy, ending in her threatening to haunt her if she turns tricks. On Angel’s way out of the funeral home, she saw Lulu, who previously refused to go. She didn’t want to see her in a coffin and remember her like that. Angel convinced her to say goodbye so she wouldn’t have that regret. Lulu instead realized that she had stolen her broche and her gloves. So, her moment didn’t go exactly how Angel thought it would. Lulu did get her moment with Candy, though, and it was emotional.

Candy’s parents showed up to the funeral. They dead named her and misgendered her. Blanca handled dealing with her parents so well. They had a vision of Candy too, and you could tell they had regrets. When she talked to her dad about how he secretly got her that doll house for Christmas. Man, I lost it. 

In honor of Candy, Pray announced each ball would offer a lip synching category. The episode wrapped up with Candy getting to perform a lip synching number on the ball floor. Oh, and a family dinner with a toast to Candy. This is where Pay took his first dose of HIV medication. 

Please remember that this storyline is far from fiction. Trans women of color are being murdered at an alarming rate. Advocate for the T in LGBT. We are all family.

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