Pose: What Would Candy Do?

Pose was back with a new episode after a heartbreaker last week. Plus, they’re Emmy nominated! The series has been nominated for outstanding drama and Billy Porter is up for best lead actor in a drama series! Much deserved!

This week’s episode kicked off by highlighting the vogue craze of the 90’s because of Madonna’s influence. Damon was reaping the benefits, adding another class to his schedule at the YMCA due to demand. A dancer in the class turned out to be no dancer at all, but a recruit for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour who wanted Damon to audition. He was of course thrilled.

Back at home, Damien broke the news to the family where Blanca made it clear that this was the year of the family. First Angel’s success, now Damien’s. Meanwhile, at Elektra’s family dinner, Damon’s ex boyfriend, Ricky, was also given the same talk from the same scout. Battle of the exes! 

After the breakup, Damon found comfort in dance. He opened up to Blanca about how dancing has saved him. Later, we watched him absolutely kill it in a dance class he was taking. He took his dance teacher out to coffee to tell her about his opportunity to tour with Madonna, with Blanca’s encouragement to get her permission. She had a similar experience, leaving school to fulfil her dream. She said how powerful her experience was filling white concert halls. She told him to take the risk. Only if he was to come back to finish his degree after the tour, though.

Blanca and the family provided unconditional support for Damon as he prepped for his audition. On the other hand, Elektra made Ricky’s audition all about her. At least she gave him money for a new look, right? Ricky had a luxury experience while Damon was pampered by the family. I think I would rather have the Haus of Evangelista treatment. Looked like more fun. Oh yeah, plus Blanca didn’t threaten Damon the way Elektra did Ricky.

Damon and Ricky saw each other at the audition and everything seemed fine between the two of them. The next day, Damon and Blanca were pacing by the phone waiting to find out the result of the audition. Both Damon and Ricky got a call back!

Elektra asked WWCD? What would Candy do, of course. Then, she pulled out Candy’s hammer. She wants to improve Ricky’s chances of getting on the tour by hammering the feet of his competition. The rest of the Haus thought Ricky had enough talent to win on his own. But, after Elektra’s delusional self stated she’d take whoever swung the hammer to Madonna’s birthday party, they started to think a little different.

On the ball floor, the category was black and white cinema. While the ball was going on, Elektra’s family told Blanca about the hit on Damon’s foot. Blanca confronted her, and of course she owned up to her own drama because of course she did. Blanca tried to talk some sisterhood into her and somehow it worked. Blanca walked away with Candy’s hammer.

Meanwhile, Angel and Papi had a cute moment at the ball. Papi had been working doubles to pull his weight while giving Angel all the compliments she deserved. Can they get together already? Please? Back on the ball floor, the category was butch queen vogue. Damon hit the floor, of course. He walked away with both of his feet, thankfully. Ricky did as well and they both killed it. They had a very cute friendly rivalry going. Damon got 10’s across the board. Ricky got one 9, leaving Damon to snatch the trophy. Elektra was clearly angry and Pray had none of her bad attitude. 

After the ball, Ricky was hammered and struck out with the guy he was trying to hit on. Damon brought him the trophy because he thought he looked great on the floor. Damon encouraged him to stop drinking while Ricky made it clear he was better when they were together. Ricky really wanted Damon back, but he stood strong and walked away.

Round two of the audition cycle came and Damon and Ricky didn’t end up getting spots on the tour. Ricky was stressed about how he failed his haus, while Damon had a more positive attitude about it. The scout who got them this audition waved them down afterwards to tell them about upcoming auditions for Solid Gold. Damon was excited and almost made a move on Ricky, but stopped himself. Damon and Ricky both made it on the show as two of the three dancers where they danced to the week’s top ten songs. 

Damon tried to convince Ricky they needed to keep their chemistry on the dancefloor and focus on their careers. Ricky swore that he changed and wanted something more. Damon stood firm and they shook on being just friends. 

Do you guys think Ricky and Damon will end up together? I’m thankful this episode was way more light hearted. Leave your thoughts on this week’s episode in the comments below!

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