Racing with Sidney: Drag Fish Tank

Hellllllo racers!

Due to work I need to do a quick review today but last night a lot happened and I’m not sure how it all played out and why.


A bunch of hot guys in maybe, the worst mini challenge, we can get hot guys for no reason, but this, eh. Wasn’t for me. Alaska won because Alaska.

However we find out the girls need to shill a product for the main challenge and that got us a jump start on…
Some business power queen shows up and judges the shit outta all their products. Then Michelle and Carson do. Based on the concepts and ideas everyone is apparently awful….which….we find out they all aren’t.


  • Roxxxy – I was bored by her video and look. Yes for her it was something special but by comparison it felt too easy and didn’t show off Roxxxy in the way it should have nor one that plays to her favor.
  • Katya– The video was outrageously hilarious in the way she can be. The look was a risk and it paid off (especially in her voice over description). After a couple rough weeks, this felt like a return to form for Katya, hope it lasts.


  • Alyssa – Her video was meh but her LOOK WAS MY EVERYTHING! It was everything Alyssa can do but specified to pants.
  • Detox – I loved her video because I love her but the idea wasn’t strong. Her look was also very meh. Considering the main focus was pants, this was too simple.
  • Alaska – VIDEO WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! OMG It was so perfect in all the right ways. Her look, loved the bottoms but not the look up. Got what she was going for but meh.
  • Tatianna – OMG! She knocked both outta the park. That runway look was one of the best all season.

Well Alaska and Katya was the top two and the bottom was Roxxxy and…Tatianna….wait….bish whet? Whet? None of that makes sense. Detox woulda made more sense.


In the back the girls state their case…well….only Tati, Roxxxy barely tried.

So the lipsync happened, and it was as great as it should be, but then…..


WHAT?! WHAT?! NO! NO FUCKING WAY! This was the one of the absolute worst calls. I’m trying to rationalize this as they want her to get congeniality, but this was an awful call. I guess that Rolaskatox throwback came in to play. Or Alaska was strategic and eliminated the bigger competition of the two.

I just want to say about Tatianna that people had little faith in her this season, but I don’t know why, even in her season she was never a bad queen just bitchy. This season she got a redemption story she was never looking for and I am so happy she got this regardless of this dumbfoundingly idiotic elimination.

Ok…well….we’re back to Top 5 and I feel it’s only gonna get harder from here.

Keep geek…..and support local queens.

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