Racing with Sidney: HERstory of the World

Hello everyone, guess who! It’s your favorite Senior Fashion Correspondent, Spencer! Sidney couldn’t be with us tonight because he is busy knitting a sweater for Chiffon Dior. Anywhoo, you are stuck with me. SO, what show are we watching? Oh another episode of Drag Race! Let me get a snack and I’ll meet you in the workroom.

Drag Race


So everyone is back from the elimination where my favorite, Tatianna went home. WHY! Katya reveals that she also would have picked Tatianna. This is just wrong. I don’t believe Tatianna should have been the one to go. She has so much talent. I personally think it should have been Roxxxy to go but this isn’t the place for it *looks around the corner for Sidney).

So the challenge this week is a lip sync extravaganza. They do this basically every year where a dance has to be choreographed and the queens all lip-sync to a song that is created by who knows who? It’s a fun challenge. The girls are each given a famous woman in history and I am actually pretty stoked at this point. During the pre-challenge work, not much happen. Adore wasn’t here to have a meltdown so the energy seemed more focused. We saw Phi Phi being possibly shady trying to get into people heads. We saw Alyssa annoying the hell out of Phi Phi. Katya decided to cut the train off her Princes Diana dress (nooooo!) The girls had to rehearse. Everyone was doing pretty okay. Detox seemed a little shaky during her rehearsal but we all know she is going to kill it. The choreography, was a little difficult. It always has me wondering how the girls have the time to learn all of this… hmmm…

Drag Race


The girls came out in full force. Alaska was giving us a Britney Spears fantasy with her Eve look. Detox did an amazing Marie Antoinette. Alyssa Edwards was killing me as Annie Oakley. Ginger Minj was hilarious. I think Katya, Phi Phi, and Roxxxy were underwhelming. Katya, why did you cut that train! Why! It was so beautiful! Overall I think the challenge was amazing. My favorites were Alyssa, Detox, and Ginger to be honest. There really was no one I would say did bad! This is All-Stars people. All the girls did really do well. But we have to look for the smallest things during the judging.

Drag Race


The Runway was amazing. Detox looked like a god as always. She always kills the runway and she murdered it. Phi Phi’s cosplay was literally out of this world. Alaska was so funny with her scream. I couldn’t stand Ginger’s outfit. The whole thing was just a mess in my opinion. Katya looked good but I wish her outfit was a bit more revealing. My favorite though was Detox. She wins. Now this has been a Haute Second with Spe….oh wrong column. Sorry my bad.

Drag Race


So as predicted, Alyssa Edwards and Detox are the top 2. It was just obvious. The bottom two (not three) were Katya and Ginger Minj. Ginger is there solely because of her outfit. Otherwise I think Roxxxy would have been there. Damn you Roxxxy you escaped again! The two lip-sync and Alyssa wins! Honestly Alyssa is so high-energy she is proving to be a tough competitor this time around. I think it would have been better for Detox if she wasn’t literally fading into the background due to her silver fembot look.

Now, the time has come. Alyssa eliminates Ginger! What! This was actually a huge surprise because if you look at it, Ginger did do better in the challenge than Katya. So Alyssa kind of went against the group agreement to go by the judges say. But lets be real… Katya is amazing and we all know she is a huge star! I didn’t want her to leave. You didn’t either so lets not bitch about it her. It looks like next week we have to hear about everyone’s shock that Alyssa didn’t follow directions. Again, lets not act like Alyssa did TOO terrible of a thing. It’s Katya people…

Drag Race

Thank you for reading “Racing with a Haute Second with Sidney and Spencer”. Until next time everyone. Maybe I’ll pop out of a box so be careful out there. I’m always watching…

Drag Race

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