Racing with Sidney: All Star Snatch Game

Well damn….the race didn’t just continue….but it sped up and flipped the damn car…and it then walked over to go to the bar for a cocktail.


We see the girls react to Coco leaving, which, no one seemed torn up about, when Ru shows up she announces that on this second episode we are getting Snatch Game. This fact alone speaks volumes. It shows that we really just don’t know this show at all if in episode 2, they are giving us SNATCH GAME!

When RuPaul shows up to speak to the girls Adore is the first stop. Adore expressed that she wants to leave, RuPaul tried….she even spent the time with Michelle. This moment was great cause something that a lot of people don’t get is that Michelle actually does so much. This was such a great moment because it showed how Michelle is actually the mother of the girls. Due respect to Ru but once the show ends, Michelle is the be all end all cause truly, she does so much in such an important way. I don’t know why Adore doesn’t see people trying to help, but she left. Adore leaving is ridiculous, it was a waste and honestly, it’s shame that she just gave it up. Her leaving stood against everything she actually stands for, this made me respect her way less because a true punk goddess would stick around to buck the norm. Adore knew what she was getting in to, but it didn’t seem like she cared and it made no sense.

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Now, was Phi Phi trying to help or was she trying to screw it all over? I don’t know if we got there yet but has it ever been too shady to try and win….and is that just the question to always hang over Phi Phi?


Ginger Minj – She was a great Tammy Faye who didn’t get the treatment and attention she fully deserved considering how great this was.

Alaksa – Dear Lord how retro. Only someone like Alaska could make this person work in a world where most of the viewership has no clue who she is.

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Phi Phi – She nailed it…she absolutely nailed Caputo in so many ways. From look to voice. If she had won, I would not have been shocked.

Katya – Honestly, how many times can we say she’s great. This was so perfect for her, I almost feel she coulda gone farther.

Alyssa – In my opinion, the best. She came from behind and dominated by immersing herself to the character. I could watch her and Alaska do this all day.

Detox – She was a great Nancy Grace…way better than the last Nancy Grace we had.
Tatianna – Wow…with such a look, it’s a shame that she didn’t do anything with it.

Roxxxy – I know Alaska encouraged people to be here, but not like this…at all. Wow….this was bad.

On the Main Stage

Phi Phi– I feel the concept was there but the execution wasn’t. I feel Phi Phi is still learning to execute despite having the idea in her head. This wasn’t enough for All Stars….this wasn’t even enough for Season 7.

giphy (11)

Roxxxy – Honestly, she slayed. She knew what she wanted to look like and it all came together. It looked stellar as one complete thought.

Alyssa – This dress was so Alyssa, but that didn’t work to her benefit. It was a cute dress for a club show but for a main stage, I feel she could have done more.

Katya – Unlike Alyssa, Katya will never not have a concept. This concept was striking, it was colorful, and it worked because Katya knew how to make it work.

Tatianna – She did dark lady…..again. The latex look is great concept but it was not.

Alaska – I love that she felt her Jennifer Garner in Alias fantasy. It was coordinated and connected and showed how versatile of a look queen Alaska is.

Ginger Minj – Someone tell Ginger what latex is. Her make up was on point, but the look wasn’t there.

Detox –She had a high concept look and holy damn did she make it work. Her make up was stellar because you know she had a concept that she absolutely nailed.


Based on the challenge and the runway our Top 2 is Katya and Alaska (Like in life or just tonight?) The bottom was Detox, Tatianna, and Roxxxy (thought I’m not sure why Roxxxy is here)
The girls met with the Top 2 this week to discuss (read: beg).

In a lip sync that only Alaska and Katya could bring to you, we got our winner, Alaska. Just like we figured upon this, Tatianna went home. Personally I thought that was mistake, but then again, out of those three, it was a hard call. I’m sure she had more to offer. If anyone out there still feels that Tatianna is awful, update your thinking. So if you see in your local bar support her…and your local queens.

This season is so hard to figure out where it’s going but in a Drag Race first, it’s all about the journey.

Keep geek.


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