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Alright hunties, I swear I’m back for good now. What a fun episode to come back to. This week the queens had to act in a very interesting TV show, Breastworld. Then, they had to hit the runway dressed like silver foxes. Although this episode was missing a good Golden Girls reference or two, it was still a great one.

The queens returned to the workroom after The Vixen‘s elimination to find she left a fairly cryptic message essentially reminding us all that she is not fond of Eureka O’Hara. I think Eureka handled all the drama with Vixen well. I really loved how the queens struggled to read her message and Aquaria simply commented, “I can’t see anything” because of the glitter makeup over her eyes.

On a more positive note, the queens celebrated Kameron Michael‘s first challenge win! Eureka exposed that Kameron really wanted to win the Cher challenge, something she had kept to herself because she didn’t want high expectations placed on her. Regardless, she knocked it out of the ballpark and deserved her first win.

The queens also discussed that Aquaria seems to be a bit overconfident in her performances. She was bottom three last week but didn’t see it that way. Asia O’Hara called her out for portraying unsportsmanlike conduct. I love a good sports reference on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

It was a new day in the workroom and the queens were greeted by none other than Stephen Colbert. Sure, his video message was a bit random, but I was SO excited to see him. I think the queens got a kick out of it as well. RuPaul entered the room in a fabulous suit (as always) and explained the mini-challenge, pants down, bottoms up.

Pants down, bottoms up was a fun matching game like you’d play as a kid, only this one was all about matching men’s underwear. The queens, of course, loved this challenge. Somehow, Aquaria was really good at this. She would go on to win the challenge, but my favorite was Monét X. Change whom Ru accused of purposely failing to make a match to keep the game going longer.

RuPaul then announced the challenge this week would be an acting one. The queens would be cast in a Westworld style show, of course, called Breastworld. Since Aquaria won the challenge, she got to assign the characters. After the conversation she had with Asia, she decided to be more sportsmanlike and let the girls pick their roles. Miz Cracker picked the role with the most lines, while Aquaria got stuck with one of the characters with the least lines since she let everyone else pick before her. Asia also noticed she had very little lines and felt the pressure to shine after being in the bottom two last week. She and Ru had a very sweet moment before it was time to film the show with Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews. I think that pep talk from Ru got her in the right state of mind to take the challenge head-on.

It was time for the queens to film with Michelle and Ross. Miz Cracker had a tough time with her lines and delivery. Again, we see her in her own head too much. Same went for Kameron. Coming off a strong win, she struggled to find her energy in this challenge. Eureka also fell a bit flat. Monet, Asia, and Aquaria really shined. Especially Monet and Asia. Monet killed it with her ad-libbed one-liners, while Asia really embodied the conservative character she was playing.

It was elimination day and the girls were getting into their silver-foxy drag. Aquaria mentioned how older drag queens have mentored her throughout her career, spotlighting her wonderful relationship with legend Amanda Lepore. They also discussed what it’s like dating in drag. Each girl (aside from Cracker) seemed to be single at the time of filming. They mentioned how tough it is dating in drag because the men tend to fall in love with the character rather than who they are as a person. Asia told a story about how her drag sisters were there for her when she went through a tough breakup, reminding us that sometimes it is RuPaul’s best friend race.

On the main stage, Ru, Michelle, and Ross were joined by Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Here were the judge’s critiques this week.

Miz Cracker: Abbi loved her silver-foxy look, saying she looked like an older lady from the Upper East Side. Ross thought she completely overthought her performance and needed to let go in the challenges more. She was safe.

Kameron Michaels: Michelle thought her runway was so fun, and let’s be real, it was. I also loved how Ilana said that’s how she thought she’d look in 50 years. Although her runway was great, she really didn’t come through in the challenge. Her character was supposed to deliver all the feels, but it just didn’t work out that way. She was bottom two.

Monet X Change: The judges loved her performance, stating she had a relatable energy throughout the performance. Michelle also gave her credit for those amazing ad-libbed one-liners throughout her performance. She was safe.

Aquaria: Michelle thought she looked too beautiful to be that old, but RuPaul insisted she bought into it because she plans to look exactly like Aquaria’s runway look when she’s that age. Abbi thought her robot performance in the challenge was great, going as far to say it was her favorite. She was safe.

Eureka O’Hara: Ross was a bit confused by her look and asked her to explain it. The judges weren’t a big fan of her look. Michelle also thought she was a bit disconnected in the challenge. She was bottom two.

Asia O’Hara: Michelle was a bit confused by her look, but I loved how Asia explained it. This is what she would look like running around the parking lot of DragCon as a grandma trying to sell a fanny pack. The judges absolutely loved her performance. She was this week’s winner.

Eureka and Kameron were set to lip sync for their lives to Patti LaBelle’s New Attitude. I think this may have been one of the best lip syncs in the history of the show. Both queens were SO energetic. I also am a sucker for a perfectly timed double split. It was no surprise to me that RuPaul decided to keep both girls. I truly think they deserved it.

I’ll be back next week to discuss one of the most anticipated challenges of each season, the make over challenge! This time around the queens will have to make over social media stars. What do you guys think of that concept? Be sure to sound off in the comments below!

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