Racing With Haley: Evil Twins

The end is near, Y’all! We are getting down to the wire here on RuPaul’s Drag Race. This week the queens had to create their own evil twins, judged by Ashanti and Lena Dunham.

Back in the workroom, the queens mourn the loss of Monét X. ChangeAs one last ode to her, Kameron Michaels used a sponge to clean the mirror. Long live the sponge! On the couch, Miz Cracker reflects on her win. She wore her mom’s favorite look of hers the night she won her first challenge and got a message from her family during Untucked. A very special moment indeed.

RuPaul entered the workroom this week with Cheyenne Jackson! For the mini-challenge, the queens had to drag up pancakes in honor of every queen’s favorite gig, drag brunch. Aquaria hated putting all the foods together, while Eureka O’Hara loved every second. This mini-challenge was absolutely ridiculous. The food combinations these queens came up with gave me anxiety. Asia O’Hara was the winner of the challenge.

Ru announced the main challenge for the week. The queens had to make two looks, one that promotes their best features, while the other is an evil twin inspired by their inner saboteur. This challenge was a little… dark? The queens had to really focus on their flaws, while also highlighting their strengths. Get you a challenge who can do both. Each character would be narrated by a voice-over performed by the queens.

Eureka asked the queens for help on things that are good about her. Gotta love that Drag Race editing, making it look like Aquaria was shading her saying she didn’t like anything about her. Turns out, everyone gave really great constructive criticism. Asia called out Cracker for refusing to show emotion when she has been very vulnerable, at least from a viewers perspective. Each queen got to open up about their feelings to Ru, which was a really nice moment. I think the viewers appreciate the queen’s vulnerability. The queens had to be vulnerable for this challenge. Also, shout out to RudePaul.

I really loved watching the queens run through their lines for their evil twins. Asia naming her evil twin North Korea was incredible, while Aquaria was way too engulfed in her evil twin. Miz Cracker struggled with her sewing machine, leaving her to wear a costume she already brought from home instead of making her own. Eureka encouraged her to wear her the look she brought with her.

It was elimination day and the top five entered the workroom consumed by their inner saboteurs. Cracker and Kameron came in a bit defeated already. Cracker came into the workroom prepared for the lip sync. Aquaria touched on the self-doubt everyone felt, turns out everyone’s inner saboteur is just Michelle Visage. Kameron and Cracker really bonded on needing to conquer their inner saboteurs. The queens also discussed how they put their drag personas over their male counterparts. Aquaria feels the most confident when she pees clear. You must cheer when you pee clear.

The queens took the stage repping their best features and their biggest flaws for the evil twin challenge. Here were the judge’s critiques.

Kameron Michaels: Ashanti thought she looked beautiful in her first look. Michelle thought her first costume was too much of a costume. Lena and Carson thought her looks should have been more connected and that she could be eviler. She was bottom two.

Eureka O’Hara: The judges loved her ode to being herself. Carson thought her looks were pulled together well. Lena thought she was a great actor. They also thought she did a great job with her inner saboteur voice over. She came across very confident.

Miz Cracker: The judges loved her first look. Ashanti thought she was super animated. As for Miz Crumb, they thought she didn’t match with her first look well. They also felt the voice over didn’t go in enough at all. She was bottom two.

Aquaria: Ashanti thought she looked like she was on her way to a shoot for Vogue in her first look. Carson was incredibly impressed by her tuck. They thought both of her voice overs were done well. Ashanti believed that she killed the bitch and honestly I did too. She was the winner of this challenge!

Asia O’Hara: Ashanti loved her orange look. Carson loved her response to her negative self and praised her acting. Michelle thought North Korea was the most dramatic transformation. All the judges loved her performance, calling it effortless.

Ru called the evil twins only to the stage to ask an evil question. Who should go home tonight and why? Kameron said Aquaria, Eureka said Miz Cracker, Cracker said Cracker and Kameron are in the bottom and Kameron should go home, Aquaria said Kameron, and North Korea said Miz Cracker. It was a very intense moment, that’s for sure.

Back on the mainstage, the nice twins were given their final judgements. Kameron Michaels and Miz Cracker were in the bottom two and had to lip sync against each other to Nasty Girl by Vanity 6.

The lip sync was very well done. Each queen brought so much energy to the performance. Unfortuntely, Miz Cracker had to sashay away. Do you guys think the judges made the right call? Sound off in the comments below. See you next week!

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