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Welcome back to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 with the most wonderful entrance from Latrice Royale making a B-line to the cocktails. The queens returned to the workroom with an extra edition. Latrice is back in the competition and Monique Heart stayed as well, so I think we’ll have seven queens remaining in the competition forever now.

It was another day in the workroom, which means we got another model pose from Valentina. This week was special because of Monét X. Change’s response; “no thank you. We don’t accept that.” RuPaul broke the modeling session with the ‘oooh girl’. Her message around clubs gave way to Trinity Taylor assuming they were going to a male strip club. Of course, the queens weren’t, unfortunately, and instead had to make their own club, down to their own beverages! Susanne Bartsch herself would be joining to judge the queen’s clubs! No pressure, right? Also, Monet again confessed to a childhood of crime, first she was crashing funerals, next she was sneaking into clubs at thirteen years old. I respect her greatly.

The queens worked in teams picked by Latrice. Monet and Monique, Trinity and Manila Luzon, and Valentina and Naomi Smalls were paired together, with Latrice joining Manila and Trinity. Naomi and Valentina started working together, Valentina was all revved up on her french vanilla fantasy and came up with the idea of Club 96, like Club 69 but like.. Not? Her brain is on a planet I have never visited, but I love her attempts to take us into space. Monique and Monet came up with a club with an alien baby, which is the only club I would like to go to. Trinity, Manila, and Latrice worked together to make a beehive themed club. I just need to talk about how Manila’s graphic design background allowed her to make a beautiful set drawing, while Monet and Monique were drawing with Crayola Markers like it was first grade. I loved it so much.

Next came the painting and decorating of the club space. Valentina got on Naomi’s shoulders to paint the walls of their club in an over-the-top black outfit that she apparently asked Naomi if she wanted to wear one too. Monet and Monique had a tape measure and everything, so you know it was serious. Sure, they couldn’t figure out how to paint, but that’s ok. Back to Naomi and Valentina, Naomi was stressed because Valentina was more interested in the look and her manicure to come up with a script or anything. It’s almost as if drag queens can’t multitask. My mind is blown.

It was time to get in drag, which means someone is going to have a breakdown, heart-to-heart, a big fight, or shed some tears. This week, there was a minor spat between Valentina and Naomi over working together. Naomi did a majority of the work and was a bit frustrated. Latrice was being the perfect angel we all know she is in her mirror moment, sharing how excited she is to be back in the workroom. They also beat the dead horse once more, talking about elimination processes again. Yawn.

The queens, along with Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and guest judges Susanne Bartsch and Rita Ora hit their clubs! First came Monet and Monique’s club, Black Hole. They had their script down with obnoxious space puns, I loved it. Dennis Rodman has come to the Black Hole, so what’s stopping you? You can even win $1.25 if you come in third place in their performance competition. Club 96 came next. Club 96 is all about fashion. Valentina’s character seemed a bit forced and they didn’t have their script down as well. We partied at Club Hive next. Latrice, Trinity, and Manila looked beautiful in their yellow and black outfits. The design of the club was the best by far. Their contest, strip spelling bee because why not. They even release bees on you at the end of the night!

Category is… plastic is fantastic. This runway theme was way too fun. Everyone had their own idea of what plastic is fantastic meant, which made it that much better. It was time for the judges’ critiques, and they loved Club Hive. From the looks to the performances. Naomi and Valentina fell a bit short. Susan said she wasn’t engaged with their club, while Michelle said they needed to have more. Monet and Monique got high praise for their performance in the challenge. Rita didn’t want to leave the club she had so much fun. The judges weren’t so thrilled with Monique’s runway look, though. Latrice and Trinity were the top two of the week, while Naomi and Valentina found themselves in the bottom. Monet, Monique, and Manila were safe.

Back in the workroom, Latrice celebrated her first win! Trinity and Latrice gave Manila so much love and credit, Trinity even gifting her one of the prizes she won. It was a really sweet moment. Meanwhile, Latrice and Trinity had to decide who they would send home if they won the lipsynch. Trinity, who had issues with Manila’s loyalty to her friend in the past, is stuck in a tough spot now that she may have to send home her friend, Valentina. It always comes down to friendship, doesn’t it?

Latrice and Trinity took the mainstage to lipsynch for their legacy. The song was You Spin Me Right Round by Dead or Alive. Trinity went with an old lady character, which was so weird but I loved it? Latrice looked gorgeous, of course. Latrice was the winner, meaning she got a cash tip of $10,000, but also that she had to send someone home. She sadly chose to give Valentina the chop! Who else was surprised by this one?

Another one bites the dust! Next week, the queens are going to be paying tribute to Judy Garland, where they’ll be making over their best Judy’s! Finally, the makeover challenge! I’ll see you next week, but until then, let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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