Racing With Haley: Super Queen Grand Finale

Well kitty girls, we have come to the end of yet another season of our favorite show on television. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has come to a close after a whirlwind of a season! There were tears, there were laughs, there was A LOT of confusion at times, but here we are now. We have sent another queen to the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Just one queen, like always! Wait… what? Hold on. Let’s just jump into this.

It was another sad day in the workroom with the absence of Latrice Royale. Trinity Taylor made it clear she was going to judge solely based off track record and Latrice had the worst track record going into last week’s challenge. Can we please talk about Monet X. Change asking Monique Heart to show her the lipstick she selected and Monique acting like she was going to send Monet home only to show her lipstick said Latrice?! Monique needs her own spin-off comedy show. Are you reading this, VH1?

Twas’ a new day in the workroom and it was the final entrance! RuPaul arrived in a beautiful blue suit fit only for the finale. For the last challenge, the queens had to write and record their own verse to Ru’s new song Super Queen with Todrick Hall. Then, they’d join Ru and Michelle Visage for their podcast moment on What’s The Tea?. Finally, they would be lipsyncing for their LIFE one last time! Who will be joining Chad Michaels, Alaska, and Trixie Mattel? It can only be one queen, right?

The queens joined Todrick on the main stage to run over choreography for their Super Queen performance. Naomi Smalls made friends with one of the dancers, which was fun, but she struggled. Maybe she was distracted by the boys? Probably, actually. Todrick decided a cartwheel was a good idea, especially after Monique’s cartwheel meltdown during season ten. Naomi somehow nailed it on the first try. Trinity has never done a cartwheel in her life, but also nailed it. Monique had a flawless cartwheel execution. I’m just kidding, but I really loved watching the fear in her face. She didn’t stand a chance. Monet nailed the choreo Todrick gave her. Though the practice with Todrick ended with him telling all the queens to practice all night.

It was time for the podcast fantasy! Monet was up first, covered in sponges of course. She had a great moment with Ru and Michelle about her growth on the runway compared to season ten. Monique joined the ladies next and her personality shined, as always. We found out she lead the ex-gay ministry, wanted to have twelve kids with a woman, and used to weigh 300 pounds! What?! I am so proud of her growth over the years. She is truly a star! Naomi came next and Ru said she looked pretty and young, which is very true. I loved that Naomi flipped the script and asked Ru and Michelle what they thought of her Judy Garland lipsynch and of course they loved it! That was one of my favorite moments of the season. Last but not least was Trinity. She shared that All Stars had been far more challenging than season nine was. She had let her guard down more this season and it definitely showed!

It was elimination day and all was well and normal in the workroom. WRONG, duh! It’s the finale! The queens were greeted by the backs of past All Stars winners, Chad Michaels, Alaska, and Trixie Mattel. What did they have to say? Well, that All Star rules were suspended, permanently. The three of them would be deciding who would take home the crown! Excuse me?! I join Monique in her desire to go home after hearing this news. Okay, just kidding. Ru still decides. What did the past winners actually do? Bring the queens alcohol, of course. Shout out to Alaska’s Team Katya umbrella.

Now it was actually time for the queens to get in drag for the finale! Trinity was clearly anxious and who could blame her. The race was tight and the crown could go to anyone. Naomi shared how much more confident she is compared to her season and I loved to hear that. Monique struggled with her emotions and rightfully so after the rollercoaster of a season they had. It was the last time they were painting for the competition together and it sure was stressful!

Our queens hit the main stage for one last time and it was only by family on the judge’s panel. Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley joined Ru, Michelle, and Todrick. The Super Queen performance gave us Alaska on the drums, Trixie on the guitar, and Chad playing DJ. They were all definitely playing those instruments. Monet’s number was first and she hit every move of her choreo. Monique was next and she had her lyrics DOWN. Naomi looked stunning, of course, and her performance was so fun like all the others she’s turned out this season. Trinity was flawless as always and her outfit was amazing. It was a fun performance to watch from start to finish.

The girls wore their best drag looks on the runway this week. Everyone looked so gorgeous! I loved Naomi’s high fashion mesh look. Trinity came out wearing Ru’s suit from earlier in the workroom but in dress form and I loved it. Everyone’s looks were great. For their last critiques, the judges had a lot of high praise to give each queen. Ross said Monet fully ripened on All Stars and I couldn’t agree more. They all loved her performance. Toddrick was impressed with Monique’s performance, saying she nailed the choreography despite struggling during the run through. Michelle said Naomi did not disappoint on the runway all season. Trinity was a drag orgasm for Michelle tonight. Trinity was a pro all season and got the recognition from the judges for it tonight. Ru asked the queens to share why they should win the competition and I’m not crying, you’re crying. Everyone gave such heartfelt and wonderful answers.

RuPaul made some decisions and Monet and Trinity were the top two of the season. Monique and Naomi really shined this season and though they didn’t make the top two, they are truly All Stars. Monet and Trinity were now ready to duke it out for the crown to Fighter by Christina Aguilera. Why didn’t we get a lipsynch to this sooner?! This performance was SO good! Twi queens we’ve loved watching lipsynch this season going head-to-head to an absolute bop? Yes, please. The performance was so good for the first time ever, All Stars ended in a TIE?! What?! WE HAVE TWO REIGNING QUEENS! Unfortunately, the three past winners only had one crown to offer our queens. Botox, here Trinity comes!

Sad to see All Stars and Racing With Haley go? No worries, I’ll be back to chat about season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race with you on February 28th! Let us know what you thought of the finale in the comments below!

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