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This week, brings to you yet another awesome reason to live in the grand New York City! A few months ago, Spencer got to meet the lovely comedian and performer of, Tranna Wintour, hailing from the land of Canada. Now, Tranna and Spencer are sitting together again to discuss the details of some upcoming appearances by Tranna that you could go check out for yourself!

Spencer- Well Tranna Wintour, welcome back! How are you! Busy as ever I am sure? It feels just like yesterday we were talking. You were my first interview by the way!

Tranna- Hello Spencer! Things have been quite busy! Did lots of shows this summer which was fabulous, lots of shows coming up, and I just started to work on the development of a TV pilot for this big cross-Canada contest. With the death of Joan Rivers, I’ve been rewatching all her interviews and her fantastic documentary, and I’m feeling so inspired by her energy. Joan had a lot of views I do not agree with at all but she was an incredible entertainer and I’m trying to follow her work ethic–don’t turn anything down and work, work, work.


Spencer- Wow! You really have been keeping busy! I am excited to hear more about your tv pilot. Joan’s death is such a loss. She really was an amazing lady. I don’t feel like its completely hit me yet. I still feel like I could flip on “Fashion Police” at any moment and see Joan. So I gathered you here today because you have some shows coming up this week in the grand New York City! Give me the details darling!

Tranna- Yes! I’m so excited! I’m going to be in NYC the week of September 15th, and all week long I will be doing as many shows and open mics as I can. Many of the open mics work on a lottery system, so you show up, put your name in a hat and hope that it gets picked. For that reason it’s a bit difficult to give people a concrete performance schedule because I don’t know if I’ll be picked. While I’m in New York, I will be tweeting and instagramming as much as I can to let people know where I’m performing. I’m hoping to do at least 8 shows. I do have two shows officially booked. I will be at Klimat Lounge (77 E. 7th St) for a show called The Giggle Pit on Monday the 15th at 6:00pm, it’s going to be fabulous! And on Saturday the 20th, I will be competing in a contest called ‘Laugh Till It Hurts,’ which is a search for NYC’s hottest up-and-coming talent. It’s taking place in a Thai restaurant, it doesn’t get much more glamorous than that! People can buy tickets to that show in advance here. There are two shows that night, I am on the 9pm show!



Spencer- Wow! Thai food and Tranna Wintour. I am booking my New York flight now! Who needs New York Fashion Week when you could grab some Pad Thai and Steamed Dumplings while enjoying the comedy of Tranna Wintour. So what can we expect from you during these upcoming shows?

Tranna- People can expect glamour, a fabulous pair of shoes, lots and lots of laughs. They can expect to be sexually confused and turned on… the usual. No matter what show I do, no matter how many people are in the audience, I always give it 110%, so at the very least people can expect a diva who is totally devoted to her craft and to entertaining her audience. Also, most of the shows I’ll be doing are open mics, and I’ve heard NYC open mics are notoriously painful. Apparently no one goes to these shows, so you’re just performing in front of other comedians and obviously comedians don’t tend to laugh at other comedians’ jokes. But if people actually come out to the shows then maybe we can create a more fun and fabulous atmosphere!

Spencer- Of course! I mean who doesn’t love to laugh? I have never experienced a open mic show but I definitely feel like this sounds like a good opportunity for anyone to have a fabulous evening in the city. So do you feel there is more pressure doing shows in NYC then Canada?Tranna- I’ve spoken to many Canadian comedians who have performed in NYC and loved it. I don’t think there’s more pressure but the NYC comedy scene is a totally different animal. The scene is so big and overwhelming, there are so many comedians in NYC… I think there are more comedians in NYC than street style bloggers or wannabe purse designers! In Montreal there are maybe 5 comedy open mics a week, in NYC there are about 10 open mics every single night! There’s obviously a lot of competition in NYC but there are also lots of opportunities. The most intimidating thing about the New York comedy scene is standing out, but I’m not too worried about that. I believe in what I’m doing, I love what I’m doing and I’m confident that I bring something fresh and different to the comedy scene. I’m just so excited to be in the greatest city for a full week and performing. I can’t wait to see what kind of effect New York’s energy will have on my performances.

Spencer- You are going to be amazing and I think New York City is in for a real treat with the arrival of Tranna Wintour. As always, it has been a pleasure Tranna! Break a arm… or is it leg…?

Tranna- Thank you so much, Spencer!

If you are in the New York City, go check out the amazing Tranna Wintour at one of her shows and stay updated with her social media in case she makes any of those daring open mic shows!

Giggle Pit at Klimat Lounge
77 E 7th St.
6:00pm, Monday September 15h
Laugh Till It Hurts at Rain Thai
220 E. 53rd St.
9:00pm, Saturday September 20th

Tranna Wintour’s Social Media

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