Holly Box-Springs and Maci Sumcox Are “All Wrapped Up”


Chiffon Dior: Good morning ladies! It’s good to talk to you both again. Have you both recovered yet from the disaster of Biblical proportions that was known as Peter Pan Live last night?

Maci Sumcox: I was so disappointed in my drag daughter Christopher Walken to be honest Chiffon.


Holly Box-Springs: Good morning!!! I stayed far away from that mess!


CD: You are clearly the smart one Holly. I noted on Twitter last night that Allison Williams looked less like Peter Pan as much as she did a young Conan O’Brien. But I digress. So we’re here to talk about your big Christmas show! (More info here!)

MS: I’m glad you said Christmas Show

CD: I don’t want to add fuel to fire in the “War On Christmas” (tm Fox News) that is already raging.

MS: But seriously yes we are working together on a fabulous show just in time for the festive season called “ALL WRAPPED UP”

HBS:We are getting to cover some of the fun oldies as well as some less traditional songs that fit the season.

MS: Oh yes, we have some real gems that people won’t expect and will make you look at the song in a whole new way.

CD: How did this show come together, aside from it being, you know, Christmas time?

HBS: We actually talked about it during So You Think You Can Drag! We both LOVE Christmas!

MS: Pretty much from week one of SYTYCD we hit it off right away. After talking a little about the possibility of working together and with Christmas right around the corner it kinda made sense to do it now.


CD: So you said you have some “untraditional” songs on tap. Care to give us a preview as to what people who come to your show can expect?

MS: Without giving too much away fans of the TV show Smash won’t leave disappointed. We will be doing a number originally from the show and of course have Manny Stark guesting.

HBS: Covered by a great band called Steps that Miss Maci introduced to me.

MS: Yes, Steps is a band I have loved for years even tho they are a little cheesy I was thrilled to do a number by them.

CD: Don’t get me started on “Smash”! I’m STILL bitter they went with beanpole Karen over Ivy to play Marilyn!

HBS: Seriously agree, Megan Hilty would have been the first person I called for Marilyn

MS: And as for Smash I was a little put off by that man playing Anjelica Houston.

Maci Sumcox by Andrew Werner, 11.14 - AHW_7975

CD: Since you’re both big Christmas fans, what was your favorite holiday memory growing up?

MS: Well in the UK we have a huge tradition of the christmas Pantomime. my grandparents owned a theatre company that would produce one each yeah and my grandad would play the dame, which is basically very basic drag. I remember one year being invited up on stage and my grandad in character said “Oh hello, whats your name little boy…” and without missing a beat I relied live on stage “It’s me, Scott, Grandad”

HBS: Mine would have to be the first time I saw snow, I was in Kindergarten and we went out for recess and it started to snow! Being from Texas it’s normally warm so it barely happens so it was magical, I was in a mini skirt on Christmas day a couple of years ago. I get enough snow to last me a lifetime up here however….

MS: God I smell the Holly & Maci Lifetime movie.

CD: Oh no! Who will Meredith Baxter-Birney play??

HBS: Can I please be played by Angela Bassett?

MS: I want to be played by Zac Efron or at the very least played with by Zac Efron.

CD: Well this should make for an interesting film. *rolls eyes*

MS: Rotton Tomatos gives it 2 stars


CD: Still better than that Kirk Cameron Christmas movie! So Christmas is a super busy time in Manhattan. With all the Christmas things to do in the city, why should people come see All Wrapped Up at Room 53 on Sunday, December 14th at 7:30pm?

MS: Because we say so! No really, we’ve worked so hard on this show making it just right. It’s going to be such a fun event with music, games, drinking and fabulous guests.

HBS: Haha that and because we just want to bring some fun to this city, Maci and I wanted to put on a show that people can come to and sing along with but also throw some big surprises in!

MS: We really wanted to show that outside of SYTYCD we can not only do performances but put on a show which involves every aspect being done by us alone.

HBS: Also from 7:30-8 it’s $5 all you can drink mimosas so you can be SMASHed as well!

MS: Oh take a shot we used another Smash pun.

CD: Nice callback Holly. *polite applause*

HBS: *laughs*

CD: You’ve also managed to cobble together an impressive guest list including yesterday’s NS4W interview subject Chelsea Piers! (Check out that interview here!) How many people did you have to blo….ask nicely to get them to do this show?

MS: We were very lucky, we chatted about who we would like and we managed to get them all first time. It helps that they are friends of course too.

HBS: Well thankfully we are some of the nice queens so we tried not to make any enemies during the show, so people actually came pounding on our doors which was nice!

MS: Thats true, we actually had too many people want to be part of it. If only we could do a five hour show.

CD: Such well mannered and popular young ladies! So after this show, what’s next for you both?

MS: A world tour followed by a short stint in rehab. Then maybe a book?

CD: How many stints in rehab do you have on your punch card before you get a free stint Maci?

MS: Well after SYTCD and voting for myself I needed to go for my first stay at the Betty Ford… or was it the Betty Crocker?

HBS: Our interview with Oprah called “Lashes Off” will be on the week after.

MS: Seriously though, I know for me I’ve been so dedicated to this show that looking beyond it has yet to happen. I’m hoping after this the bookings come flowing in for both of us and of course that we get to keep working together on something. We had a monthly show in mind.

CD: Your periods might start to sync up if you get a monthly show together.

HBS: Oh trust me, they already have!

MS: We are freakishly on the same wavelength!


CD: Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both! I think you’re both uber-talented and I have no doubt this will be a springboard into a very exciting 2015! Do you have an final words of wisdom before we call it a day and head out for hot chocolate and cupcakes?

MS: I just want to say a huge thank you to Steve Cosh over at Room 53 for giving us a shot and letting us create magic at your venue. Also to everyone reading, come along! It will be a night you will not want to miss. Yes and a extra little thank you to Anthony Sullivan Jr. for helping create our wonderful promo video for the show.

HBS: Same to you!! Totally agree with Maci, we also want to thank our friends who will be doing the show with us, we know it’s a crazy time of year but it’ll be fun to be crazy on stage with everyone!

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