Paige Turner’s Confessions of an Un-Natural Blonde



In the interest of full disclosure, Paige Turner is one of my favorite performers in New York City. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that “Confessions Of An Un-Natural Blonde!” is a extraordinary show! Before a packed house at the renowned Laurie Beechman Theatre last Saturday night, Paige delighted the crowd with her one-woman show that ran the gamut from Trapper Keepers to flatulence. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Basically the show is Paige’s life in a microcosm – what it’s like for her to live, love, and (perhaps most of all) lust in the Big Apple – all set to the tune of assorted pop and showtune parodies.


I won’t give away her songs because there is another show next Saturday and you simply must go see Paige Turner if you’re in the city (get your tickets here)! You won’t be disappointed. Suffice it to say that, during her costume change, the crowd was thoroughly entertained by a video which is based on a massively popular Disney movie. This “hit viral video in waiting” is worth the price of admission alone; and a day and a half later, the main song is still firmly stuck in my head. Like a freeloading friend on my couch, I don’t expect it to leave soon.

As funny as her video is, getting to see Paige “do her thing” live is the real delight. The absurdity of her performances and her over-the-top costuming almost belie the fact that she is indeed a gifted singer, dancer and entertainer. I have seen plenty of queens over the years using mounds of hair and sequins to compensate for average performance skills. In the times I’ve seen Paige perform, her considerable talents are almost underscored but the key word there is almost. She always manages to weave together her outrageous look and raunchy material while still maintaining a real warmth. Her character strikes me as someone who is talented enough to be doing something a bit more traditional, but gleans enough personal satisfaction in seeing the smiles that her numbers bring to her audiences’ faces.

In addition to sending the audience home happy, Paige clearly pleased the Beechman Theatre management as she was able to announce her upcoming Christmas special, “Hurry Down My Chimney”, which will debut this December 4th and 5th, as well as future shows, including ones for Easter and Pride at the famous venue.

Keep up with Paige on her brand new website here.


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