Remembering Robin Williams: Keeping His Spark Alive


When I sat down to write this week’s Sidney vs The Week, I got to thinking about what in pop culture happened and how easily they could be torn down…which was very. Then I got to thinking about the week as a whole. I got to thinking about the war in the Middle East, the crisis in Iraq, and the explosive situation in Ferguson, MO. If those incidents were not enough, we had the loss of film icon Lauren Bacall and the untimely tragic end of renaissance genius Robin Williams.

Before you think it, I assure you that this will not be a political piece or a piece about mental health, but rather a piece about happiness and optimism, cause I truly believe that is what we need right now.

Happiness and optimism, those ideas seem like faint notions when darkness takes over the world in a vast abundance, so take a moment at the end of this cloudy week and remember when an alien from Ork taught you about carefree bliss. Think back to a time when a blue genie taught you that you can in fact have what you wish for. Revel in the moments when a crossdressing papa showed what happens when you use your talents to help better your own life. We learned those lessons, and countless others, from Robin Williams.

Robin Williams showed a world that strife can be nothing more a hurdle and even if you fall, see the best and most hilarious part of the larger picture. We learned that our world is funny even if it’s hard to live it.

Regardless of the role, generations of people learned just how easy it is to give in to cheer. This is true of generations past and generations to come. The moments that made us laugh till we cried and the times we cried and were picked up are gifts that Robin Williams left to us. Even though he is gone, he has achieved immortality. Even though he is gone, he will continue to inspire. Even though he is gone he has allowed for those who know his work, and the countless others that will learn of it some day, to keep laughing. The feeling he gave us will serve as the spark and that has the power to always make us smile so we can help carry on to contribute to a world of perpetual joy that Robin Williams worked so hard to build.

Let’s all work together to build upon what he started.

Nanu Nanu.



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