Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep 10)


So apparently I’m being punished for city-dropping last week, so this week’s Retucked is brought to you from the glamorous city Tucumcari, New Mexico. I’m craving for some glitter filled drama here in the prairies, so let’s get to it!


All six (or should I say twelve?) contestants go backstage. You can sense everyone is starting the get the pre-finale anxiety and has their own theory on why they’ll be the one to lip-sync. Pearl says that she has a feeling her time has come, Violet thinks she’s going to be sent home for being ‘in her head’, Katya feels the judge’s weren’t gagging over her performance…

Ginger tries to go at Violet, but let’s admit it, that conflict is officially old news by new and there’s hardly anyone in the room to support it.

‘Hot douche… she called me a hot douche…’ Katya, brilliantly ends this boring talk of Pearl being sexy. Come on, all that talk about Pearl started to feel like the editors of Retucked aren’t allowed to have sex while shooting the show either!

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Alyssa Edwards appears on screen to give a lil’ pep talk to her Texan homegirl Kennedy. I wonder if she has any friends at all if they had a former Drag Racer (who took time out of her schedule mind you!) to show her some love… I kinda start to feel a little sorry for Kennedy, even though I honestly think she might be the least likable of the remaining six.

Pearl goes on a whole mind trip telling Katya how the lip-sync song this week is the same song she auditioned with. Violet thinks she’s lip-syncing against Ginger… And Trixie thinks she had won the challenge. And for the next 10 minutes everyone except her is freaking the hell out. Honestly, knowing who’s going to go home, all this made-up drama feels like grade school when all the smart kids would pretend they’re so not ready for a test and they’re 100% going to fail.


Trixie sashays away and now it’s certain that’s the last we’ll see of her. Yet another comeback that resulted in nothing. oh well. See you next week, hopefully to a more drama-filled Untucked!

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