Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep 11)


I was hoping for a more drama-filled Untucked this week, but apparently the girls are at the point where they don’t have any strength left for backstage drama. Oh well, I did manage to see some curious moments, so let’s go!


The girls stumble towards their cocktails (gotta love those self-made costumes!). Kennedy and Katya both feel they deserve to lip sync.

The girls continue with what obviously looked like an editor’s question on what has been their most challenging moment. It’s obvious that at this point everyone is homesick and desperate for some friendly support. It’s amusing how Ginger goes on about how Katya is her best friend and Katya (and apparently all the viewers) is like ‘wha?’


Also, it turns out we’ve been deprived of many backstage moments (Ginger’s phone call home?). But I am so over complaining about this seasons editing that I’m not even upset about this!

Overall the atmosphere is backstage is getting more intimate and everyone gets their fair share of screen time.


Also, is it a coincidence that I happen to only like queens who like Santino? Honestly, I’m not his biggest fan, but all of my favourite queens seem to adore him!

This Untucked episode is entertaining but kind of bland: Katya and Kennedy talk bout their probable lipsync, and the remaining three have some laughs on the couch. The bottom line: everyone thinks Katya is their best friend because obviously she’s the only genuine person who managed to get on this season’s cast.


It’s sad to see Katya look so defeated even before she had to lip sync. Her performance of Roar doesn’t look impressive either. But the emotions she lets out after are just heartbreaking. Goodbye our favourite queen, you surely deserve to become Miss Congeniality. See you (hopefully) in All Stars 2!


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