Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Special Double Episode Edition)


First of all I have to apologize for this ridiculous two week recap delay! I’ve been looking forward for this episode so much, I’ve started watching it while on a business trip to Athens, continued in my hometown Moscow, desperately tried to finish it while in Paris and now finally sending it to my forgiving editor while in St. Louis. And I am not bragging! (Editor’s Note: City name dropper!)


Twinsies episode means double the backstage drama! You can sense that a lot of girls are really tense: they don’t want to go home because of a former contestant dragging them down. Kennedy is sick of being critiqued for her pageant looks and Fame thinks there are too many comedy challenges (which is kind of true).

Ginger’s clearly not having it with this untimely reunion and Fame clearly doesn’t want Jazmyn to come back.

The noise from the conversations in the room is silenced by Tempest asking Kennedy whether there was a strategy behind her pairing the queens together. Surprisingly, her explanation has a lot of common sense to it. Well maybe apart from Jaidynn, but to be honest, this couldn’t have worked out for everyone.


Everyone agrees Trixie’s elimination had an influence on Pearl becoming a stronger contestant. Fame expresses her admiration for Katya (Duh! And not just because she has a great name!) who cuddles up to Kasha (wouldn’t you LOVE to see her back? I sure would!).


Kennedy gives Jaidynn a pep talk and then gives an evil laugh in her backstage interview (which might be the best edit of this season’s Untucked).

Ginger starts to plan her lip-sync strategy (Sasha is clearly not helping, although she does feel genuinely sorry for her). Triexie feels hopeful, Jaidynn feels defeated. Which basically sums up the outcome of the episode: Trixie stays, Ginger gives the lip-sync of a lifetime and Jaidynn sashays away.

And although it’s sad to see a sweet queen go, it’s great to see how happy Trixie is to be back.

Until next week… which technically will happen in a few hours with this weeks Retucked!




Frankly speaking, this Untucked is as boring as this episodes lipsync, so my recap will be short.

We start with a throwback of Fame throwing Pearl under the bus for being under motivated. I’m wondering under what circumstances would Pearl show any emotion at all?

Fame acts defensive when she is called out by Pearl and does what she does best: talk, and talk, and talk. Cry and then talk some more.

For some reason, Trixie admits to herself that she wasn’t happy with her own performance, but doesn’t take Violet’s open critique too well. But I bet this is all because she wants to stay in the race so badly.



Katya remains hilarious by cracking the line of the episode (well doesn’t she always?)
‘You look like a drunk lesbian at gay pride parade’

Trixie says aloud what is clearly on everyone’s minds: ‘Watch this bitch will this whole thing’. Go Katya, go!


Ginger is not having it with Violet being praised every episode. Pearl joins them outside and the three agree: Fame is definitely going to lip-sync. And then a random guy from the crew gets publicly hit on by three thirsty drag queens (omg look at that predator stare!).

Meanwhile backstage Kennedy goes for a nap on the couches caring neither for ‘Lavender’ nor ‘broke down Barbie’ and is finally let to handle untucked all on her own.

By this time it’s pretty clear who the bottom two is and we go on to witnessing what was by far the worst lip-sync in Drag Race history. Fame sashays away with an emotional (and long) speech and the remaining contestants are joined by Joan Waters backstage.

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