Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Wk 4)


I owe you guys an apology for the super-belated recap! I won’t start complaining about how this season isn’t doing it for me, I am actually starting to develop a weird liking to it. I’m thinking of it as the weird kid in the drag race family and, as any mother, am secretly hoping for it to succeed current expectations.

Oh well, of to recapping!


The safe girls start by discussing the challenge. It’s weird how the Bitter Betties (aka Minj and Kennedy) can’t even compliment someone without ditching them in the meantime. Seriously, how hard is it to state the obvious and admit that Jaidynn SLAYED that Bianca impression?

And then all of a sudden Violet is brought up. Seriously, the Untucked of this season is all about her! Something’s going to explode and it better be soon. So after that, Fame gives a long-ass monologue about Trixie showing little confidence and Pearl being slow (with a very unflattering video to go with it). I only wish someone in the room would react when Fame says that Pearl’s face is larger than her personality (ain’t that a funny comment coming from her?).


The worst-and-best girls enter the room. Trixie is really unhappy about her performance. Violet, on the other hand, was perfectly satisfied with her comments, although nobody in the room seems to be willing to feel happy for her. Kandy has probably the longest speech since we’ve seen her on the show. Alas, she still fails to capture our attention or evoke any emotions at all.


Ginger Minj is, again, bitter and shady, and it’s neither cute, nor funny. And here I thought she might be chosen Miss Congeniality!

Now that Pearl is starting to understand how close she came to elimination, it looked like she finally realised how badly she wants to win. She leaves the backstage area for a cigarette, Fame, Ginger and Katya follow her to give her some pep talk (well maybe not Ginger, but she did her best).


Pearl and Trixie have a tear-jerker of a moment, which is probably the most honest emotion we’ve seen in Untucked this season since this moment. Even sadder are Trixie’s sashay and farewell interview. Who wrote the bread crumbs note though?


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