Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Wk 5)


Untucked starts with Pearl and Max rejoicing over their victory, which is ruined by Pearl spilling Jaidynn’s drink (which is by far the most exciting thing she’s done this season). Everyone seems to be overly supportive of Pearl and even Max doesn’t seem pissed off at her for fleeing the workroom for a whole hour.



It’s nice to see that Jaidynn doesn’t feel too offended by all the shade the other girls had thrown her way on stage (and I have to admit, she does look cute in that dress. Like a nice big poof of cotton candy!).

After briefly discussing Kandy’s lack of personality, we, of course, continue with our traditional ‘I hate Violet’ discussion. Girls, get over it! I would have loved to see Raven on this season. if these girls think Violet has dark energy, then they obviously don’t have a clue.

I was trying to hide my personal dislike for Kennedy, but after she mispronounced Katya’s name (listen to her say ‘Kateeea; at 6:30, that’s literally like scratching a glass with acrylic nails next to my ear) which, coincidentally, is my real name, I’ve officially had it. Did you notice her voice always sounds like she’s drunk and testifying in court?

The rest of the girls enter the room and Kasha gives a very honest speech about how she’s auditioned for seven years and others just pack their bags *cough Jaidynn*, walk out *cough Pearl* or just say they’re over it *cough Kandy*.


Violet tries to give a not very convincing ‘I love you all speech’, but quickly landslides to her normal ‘I’m not here to make friends or to impress you’ mode. But someone finally said it: the queens are basically annoyed by Violet acting like a bitch and then getting praised on stage. If she wasn’t such a big threat in the competition no one would give a Kandy Ho about her. Now that the girls finally see her acting a little vulnerable, Violet may finally be less pressured by everyone.

And then the TV comes out of nowhere (am I the only one who misses the pink boxes?) and Ginger’s husband pops up with a very touching video. It’s a shame this part was a bit rushed, without the typical ‘I miss my hubby’ monologue before it, but it’s really nice to see Ginger being emotional.


Fame finally let go of her porcelain statuette behavior and lets it all hang out. First the chicken farm story, then the crazy ‘I’m so happy for Minj’ meltdown. It’s about time this one showed some emotion!

Anyway, bye bye Kasha, sorry to see the only seasoned queen go. She was the Miss Understanding of this season, and her parental advice will surely be missed in Untuckeds to come. And remember, there’s always time for a cocktail!


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