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Review: “The Hell’s Kitchenettes” Drop a Deep Fryer Full of Fun on the Audience


Last Wednesday night at the world famous Laurie Beechman Theatre, I had the pleasure of seeing the venue’s newest hit show, “The Hell’s Kitchenettes”. The brainchild of actor and writer Michael LaMasa, this modern day twist on Alice with a side helping of The Golden Girls manages to serve up a modern twist off a retro menu for a whole new generation. Starring LaMasa as the surly but hopeful Bette Griddler, James Mills as the dim but sweet, pie expert Pam Cakes and Jackie Cox as the sultry yet 7/8th Canadian Mabel Syrup, the show tells the tale of three singing waitresses with dreams of bring “diner theatre” to the Loose Caboose Diner.



Combining classic songs from a bygone era alongside modern favorites, the ladies managed to sing and dance (well, two of them managed to dance) their way into the hearts of the packed Beechman audience with a playlist and story that warmed the heart, got the toes tapping and stuffed the audience with a heaping serving of belly laughs. The show runs again tonight at 7pm at the Laurie Beechman Theatre as well as the next two Wednesdays (May 2nd and May 9th) so be sure to catch this instant classic before the run ends! You won’t regret it! (Get your tickets here!)



Also don’t miss the special interview that our own Strawberry Fields conducted with Bette, Pam and Mabel on opening night in the latest edition of Backstage ‘Berry!

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