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A Million Ways to Die in the West


I got a chance to see “A Million Ways to Die in the West” early. “How” you ask? Well, when you are the most celebrated and important person in LA, you get to see every movie early. When you’re me, and not Harvey Weinstein, the guy you’re dating texts you that afternoon and says, “Hey, I got free early screening passes to this movie. Meet me at the theater in two hours.”

So I went to this movie, only knowing it was a movie because I saw the poster a week prior, with no expectations. I have to say, as someone who really enjoyed “Ted” a lot more than I expected to, I was eager to see Seth MacFarlane’s live action follow-up.

It didn’t disappoint but it also didn’t land the way I would have liked it to. The movie was forced at times when it didn’t need to be. It was as if the film wanted to be “Blazing Saddles” really badly but deep down knew it couldn’t so it tried desperately to find a way to do the same thing, only differently. It definitely hit you way over the head with the fact that it took place in the West of 1852.

The cast was funny but didn’t always work together as a comedy ensemble should. I think the best example of chemistry in the film were Sarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi (who should be a much much more celebrated actor by now, just saying). Each actor was very good doing their own schtick. It will always be weird to see Seth MacFarlane as himself and not just hear his voice. Honestly, if this film was done as a three episode Family Guy special, it would have worked just the same, if not a little better.

This movie wasn’t as good as “Ted” but was by no means bad. It was definitely entertaining and funny. If you don’t see it in theaters, don’t worry; you can wait for the DVD, and enjoy it just the same.

Ok everybody, that’s all I’ve got on this one.

Keep geek.





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