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Did you wake up this morning and feel a little happier. Sure, your hangover sucks, you have to go to the gym, or you have no idea who that guy is or how you ended up with him, but still, you feel good. Well that’s because something major happened last night, something that has altered time, we now live in a world…

….where X-Men: The Last Stand…no longer exists.

I won’t spoil anything with this review but I want to express that while this movie is not without flaws (is time travel ever flawless?) it does something rather extraordinary in that it takes a popular film franchise’s original story, takes the franchise’s reboot, and finds a way to merge them. It does so in such a seemingly effortless way that it is tremendously engaging.

The movie could have been a little bit tighter and there are times that you feel nothing is happening, but it is all forgiven when things begin to get going.

The action sequences in this movie might be the best any of the films have done prior. They were epic in scope and all you could do is want more, even if you are unsure you can handle it. There were times in the future sequences where I was legit horrified at the dystopia created.

Absolutely all the main cast actors brought their A+ games. It felt that they were reenergized in their roles by what the film wanted to achieve and wanted to give the audience their everything.

I was very skeptical when they showed they were adding new mutants (in this case Quicksilver, Bishop, Blink, Sunspot, and Warpath) but even though these characters were added, for a film already filled with mutants, they all got their moments without overwhelming the audience in any way. Side note: Major props to the actor who played Warpath because his mutant name shoulda been Norma Desmond as he did so much terrific acting in each scene and said everything he needed to in just one look.

I could go on about this movie, and most likely will, but I want to encourage you to go out this weekend and check it out. It is absolutely worth seeing, twice in fact.

That’s all I have for you true believers.

Keep geek.




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