Sidney vs The Week 10/23/15

My my week….it’s not Halloween yet….no need to be THIS scary.

Gilmore Girls Gets Limited Series Return on NetflixEmployers, if you have employees that are millennials, you might as well have HR find out when the premiere is and plan accordingly, they ain’t comin’ in that day.

This Guy Becomes Prime Minister of Canada – *looks at US presidential candidates* GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA!!!


The New Star Wars Trailer Debuts/Tickets Go On SaleI have no more money now. Tickets for this have all of it.


Laverne Cox to Star as Frank-N-Furter in Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake– Two things 1. Why is this remake happening? 2. Please see #1.


Hillary Clinton Testifies in 8 Hour Benghazi Hearing – This ^ sums it all up.


And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….Hillary Clinton. She was put on a firing squad for no reason and didn’t just survive, she dropped em all where they stood….and then most likely watched the new Star Wars trailer because that’s how awesome it is.

Disagree, that’s your right or whatever…so do it here.

Alright week, you scared me for a second, wonder what you’ll show up with for the Halloween Eve.

Keep geek.

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