Sidney vs The Week 1/15/16

Sidney vs The Week

Oh hey Week, what did you bring me this time?

Leo Side Eyes Gaga at Golden Globes – We made the same face at the idea Jack Dawson being able to handle Mother Monster.

The Rams Become Los Angeles’ Football Team – If only they could relocate to West Hollywood. The West Hollywood Rams sounds much more fitting.

Kim Davis Attends State of the Union Address – Serving you Cracker Barrel 4th of July Dinner special realness! Glad she had to sit there and hear an hour of all the things she’s hates cheered.

Adele Does This….and THEN Nails a Nicki Minaj Verse – JUST WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO!

Academy Award Nominations Announced – There is a very real chance Gaga could get an Oscar before Leo…even if they both win.

Donald Trump Has Creepy Campaign Intro – 1930s German Campaigning is apparently so in this election season.

And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….Adele because if you have to ask, you haven’t seen the video yet. Vote if you disagree, doesn’t make me less right, as the video will clearly show.

I do wanna say, jokes aside, this week we lost two important entertainers this week. David Bowie and Alan Rickman were a part of so many of our lives for so long and gave the world so much incredible art. So much so that they may be gone but they have achieved immortality and will always be remembered. It’s now up to us to always share their masterpieces with the next generation.

Keep Geek.


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