Sidney vs The Week 2/20/15


SNL Celebrates 40 with Star Studded Three and Half Hour Tribute and Clip Show – I wouldn’t be mad if you stopped reading this and went to watch it.

Azealia Banks Fights Erykah Badu…on Twitter – Azealia, Kanye at least has a set fanbase that will support him dumb outlandish comments and all (trust me), you have a few homos (myself included) and indie rap enthusiasts behind you, calm it down.

Lady Gaga Get’s Engaged – That’s nice love….but RedOne reunion happened first so new album comes BEFORE wedding. Do NOT forget that.

(WARNING: graphic content^)
Afroman Punches Female Fan on Stage – Can’t say it’s cause you got high. Getting high doesn’t make one do that…or so I’ve heard….from this brownie…y’all got any chips?

JNCO Jeans to Make Jeans Again – Yes…yes THESE^ are the jeans that are coming back.


And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….SNL for turning 40. Seriously how great was that special? We all got taken back to some hilarious hilarious places.

Last week you selected Jon Stewart’s retirement as the winner. Disagree? What…you hate comedy all of a sudden? Well let me know!

The week is now over…celebrate it.

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