Sidney vs The Week 3/13/15


Well hello Week…think you stopped me? Oh no…oh no…I’m back. What ya got for me?

This Photo ^ – Michelle Obama’s eyes say it all.

Racist Video of Oklahoma University Students Surfaces; Students Say They Aren’t Racist – Of course not….nothing racist about singing about segregating and lynching.

Hillary Clinton Twitt_Garc
Hillary Clinton Explains Using Personal Email; She Didn’t Wanna Use Two Devices – …yes m’am.

Springfield, Capital of Illinois, Gave Cobra Commander Key to the City – Yeah…the Republicans are totally gonna blame Obama for this. #ThanksObama

Kathy Griffin Quits Fashion Police Cause It Was “Too Mean.” – Well at least we now know she never watched the show before joining it.

And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssssssssssssss…Michelle Obama for her new level of ability of reading and casting shade with a single glance….teach us your ways oh wise one.

Disagree….ugh….of course that queen does…well let me know who you think shoulda won.

It’s good to see you week…now clean yourself up.

Keep geek.


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