Sidney vs the Week 3/20/15


Week…do you have something to share this….um…you?

Ted Cruz Scares a Child – Yeah kid…he scares all of us.

Aaron Schock Resigns Amidst Ethics Investigation – I can think of a few new jobs for him.

Aaron Schock’s Dad Says This ^ – You know in TV shows when a character is trying to explain the truth to someone and then another character says something they think is helpful, but really just doesn’t help things at all…well apparently that isn’t just a sitcom plot device.

Azealia Banks Says Crazy Stuff in Playboy – Luckily for her, Dick Cheney was in the same issue so she sounded sane by comparison.

This with Justin Bieber and Madonna ^

Final Avengers Trailer Released – My money….you can haz all of it.

And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssssssssss…The Avengers because nothing else this week featured Captain America flipping off of a motorcycle and throwing it into a tank.

Disagree…oh…well um….ok…this is awkward. Well just let me know.


See ya next time Week!

Keep geek.


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