Sidney vs The Week – 4/14/17


Oh….oh Week….no you’ve had some nonsense go on with you since we last squared off….but holy hot damn, this time round, you outdid yourself in a way I’ll be honest….I never saw coming.

Pepsi and Kendall Jenner: A Match Made in PR HellSeems like they used the wrong kind of coke in an attempt to stay woke. Kudos to The Slate’s Sam Adams for this gem though.

He remembered the cake he ate, but forgot the country he bombed.
…no joke.

Trumps Orders Missile Strikes on Syrian Air Field – It cost $80 Million, flights resumed the next day, someone get Trump a “Mission Accomplished” banner.

United Airlines Beats Passenger, Other Passengers Record It, United Says He was “Re-Accommodated”– It’s nice to see KellyAnne Conway is doing PR consulting work.

Sean Spicer Rewrites Holocaust HistoryYa know, with all The White House has going on, and considering there are ACTUAL Nazis are employed by this administration, maybe lowkey Holocaust denial isn’t what you wanna inject on in to the mix.

CNN Talking Head, Jeffrey Lord, Says Trump is MLK of Healthcare – Much like Trump’s tax returns, the chances of seeing a non-racist Trump supporter fade with every passing day.

Ok let me see if I got this in me…

* clears throat *


…no one.

No one wins this week. There is not a winning situation when you see such ignorance on display across so many different worlds. The lack of diversity in the creative space of major marketing, the greed fueled assault on the dignity of a doctor, the lies being spread by our government, and the emboldened nature of bigotry in the era we live in. All the while, the world sees the return of concentration camps where gay men are being tortured and beaten, and the world remains silent.

The only way to win a situation like this is if we do something these incidents of ignorance and can find a way to ACTUALLY grow from them. They are highlighted before our very eyes. We don’t have to solve them all at once, but we do need to work to be better, to do better, and put the good back into the world. We need to do it for ourselves, our loved ones, and those who aren’t contributing anything to helping make the world be better.


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