Sidney vs The Week – 4/3/15


Well week it is been a minute….I’m ready to fight…which leads me to the first contender this week!
UFC’s Ronda Rousey got in a WWE ring at Wrestlemania and Helped The Rock – …and it was as badass as it sounds.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana Signs a “Religious Freedom and Restoration Act” – Oh I didn’t know religion went away and needed to be restored…pretty sure the idiots of Indiana’s government proved that Religion in that state was both NOT oppressed and was NOT in need of restoration. Fuck you Mike Pence…good luck running for President, dipshit.

Deadpool gets an R Rating – Is Rated R for Ryan Reynold’s Nudity?

Obama Makes Stunning Admission on April Fools Day – #thanksobama

Netflix is reviving Full House – …because how can that turn into a trainwreck?

Mike Pence Removes LGBT Discriminatory Policy in Religious Freedom Act – That’s sweet….you still shoulda just repealed the whole damn thing…anyways…enjoy being a political joke for all of history, jackass.

And the champion of the week issssssssssssssssssss…every person who has fought against Mike Pence’s law that legalized discrimination. Everyone who posted their protest, boycotted, and ranted won this week. Thank you for all you did.

Disagree with me? Haha…of course you don’t and if you do…you are on the wrong site. So pick the runner up this week!

Keep geek.


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